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What is the Darkness on the Map in Ship of Fools?

Ever growing, ever creeping, ever present.
tendrils on map in ship of fools
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Ship of Fools is a maritime rogue-like, where you’ll be braving the seas and fighting back the accursed darkness that threatens everything you know. As you sail forth on the Forgotten Waters, you may notice that, on the opposite end, a darkness will rapidly spread towards you, invading tiles and covering bonuses and locations. You can only forwards, and it seems that your appointment with the darkness is inevitable. But is it dangerous? What does it mean?

What is the Darkness in Ship of Fools?

As you play, you’ll notice that a sort of darkness will rapidly grow towards you. This is nothing really to be worried about.

Every three turns, the darkness will invade and corrupt a number of tiles in a random order, growing from the right, creeping towards you. This gives you three turns to reach where you want to reach, as the darkness may corrupt that tile next.

forgotten waters darkness in ship of fools
Image via Team17

It makes up a unique system that will pressure you into moving forwards onto the tiles that you really want to, by stripping you of many tiles every three turns. And not being able to go back forces you to go forwards, sailing ever closer to the impending darkness.

What is inside the Darkness?

So, you’ve finally reached a point where there is nowhere to go except into the darkness. A skull symbolizes the danger that the darkness will offer you. But, don’t be worried.

Image via Team17

Any darkness tile you sail onto will meet you with the level’s boss, for the Forgotten Waters, the boss is Tentacles, Shadow of the Undergrowth.

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You most likely will not defeat the boss on your first attempt, and that’s okay. Whenever you fail in Ship of Fools, you keep any tendrils you found and will even gain tendrils for the progress on that run. After you fail on every run, you can use the tendrils to get stronger for your next run, so maybe you’ll beat back the darkness next time.

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