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What Is Minecraft Legends Going to Be?

An exciting new Minecraft spinoff has been released. But what does it entail?
Minecraft legends trailer snapshot
Image via Mojang AB

One of Minecraft’s biggest selling points is that you can take it easy, play at your own pace and have a relaxing time. You would hardly expect the first-person sandbox to be anything much more than a cozy experience you can play as you like. Well, another spin-off has been released. And in this new game by Microsoft and Mojang Studios, the game we know and love has been transformed into an RTS war game. So, what really is Minecraft Legends?

What we know about Minecraft Legends

The announcement trailer was released on the 12th of July 2022, and that’s all that the developers have released about the game. But it tells us a surprising amount.

The game calls itself an action strategy game, and the footage backs up that statement. What is in store for us with this next installment of Minecraft?

The Plot

The plot very clearly appears to follow a Nether invasion of the Overworld, as is clear by the cinematic footage of the Nether forces corrupting and spreading across the land, spawning great Netherrack structures.

To fight back the invasion, not only do you lead the charge against the Nether forces, but you have the entire Overworld to back you up. That’s right, the entire Overworld, including all the formerly hostile mobs. This unique angle provides something we have never seen before from a Minecraft game.

We can only expect the game to be more of an open-world RPG where the player can rally support and fight off the invasion as they see fit. The exploration element is supported by the trailer where the player can be seen next to three open chests. We can assume that these are loot chests that were found and opened.

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Exploration and combat

The combat in the game appears to follow a similar pattern to games such as Mount and Blade, where you feature in the action and rally and command your troops. The player in the trailer can be seen signaling for their troops to follow, and also can be seen fighting Piglins in horseback action.

How Minecraft Legends will handle exploration is yet to be revealed. It may be a fully open-world experience, such as Zelda Breath of the Wild, or it may be compartmentalized exploration, where there are many maps but you must visit them in isolation, using a regular map to travel in-between spaces.

Allays play a frequent role in the trailer. They can be seen whizzing around our player and even constructing. The extent of their role is unclear, and whether we can freely build or not is something yet to be seen. The most enticing aspect of the allays, however, are the golden ones that can be seen fluttering around. Nothing aside from their appearance is known.

You can watch the trailer for yourself and make your own predictions and conclusions.

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