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What is a quern in Dwarf Fortress?

With a few querns, you'll be processing flour and sugar in no time. You just have to deal with the logistical nightmare of setting it up.
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When you’re game is put into the Museum of Modern Art in New York City for outstanding achievements, you know you’re doing something right. Dwarf Fortress has been alive and updated for over 16 years, and the developers have truly created a one of a kind experience. Throughout the game, there will be certain materials that you will need to produce. These material are made through certain resources and workshops that you have to create within the game. One of these many workshops is one called a quern. This device has been quite perplexing to some individuals. Going so far as to try and answer the question: what is a quern in Dwarf Fortress?

What is a quern in Dwarf Fortress?

What is a quern in Dwarf Fortress? layout
Image via Bay 12 Games

Let’s start out with the basics. A quern is a workshop that is used to grind and process plants into resources such as flours, sugars, and dyes. In order to build these single-square devices, you’ll first need to create one at the Stoneworker’s Workshop. However, unlike millstones (which processes plants faster due to having a connection to a ) you won’t need to connect a quern to any power source.

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To get one of these querns up and running you will need to designate a dwarf to operate the machine. You will also need a proverbial metric ton of bags, due to the fact that any plants that are milled by the quern will produce new seeds. This process can drive even the most calm tempered people into a frenzy with the amount of micro managing you have to do the more querns you build. Just something to keep in mind before continuing further down the endless rabbit hole that is Dwarf Fortress.

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