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What Do Simulacra Unlock in Tower of Fantasy?

As if the Simulacra themselves weren't a gift enough.
Tower of Fantasy
Image via Perfect World

In Tower of Fantasy, the free MMORPG, the character customization is great. In the beginning, you can fully deck out your character as you please, and later in the game you can customize your look on the spot. Alternatively, you can adopt the look of a ‘simulacra’, a mimicry of a past warrior. These famous warriors even come with their own signature weapon for you to unlock and slay the evils of the world with.

What are these simulacra, and what do they unlock?

What Is a Simulacra?

Weapon aside, the simulacra are merely a cosmetic feature that allows you to adopt a new look as you please. They do not grant any special buffs and do not do more damage with their weapon than any other simulacra.

They merely provide you another avenue of customization if your regular avatar was getting a little boring.

Their weapons, on the other hand, are all unique, powerful, and incredible. They are all worth checking out, as they have their own strength, weaknesses, and abilities.

But what are these weapons?

What Each Simulacra Comes With In Tower of Fantasy

This list will provide you of every simulacra in the game as of writing, and what weapon or extra outfits come with each one.

SR Simulacra

  • Echo – Thunderous Halberd
  • Bai Ling – Nightingale’s Feather
  • Ene – Pummeler
  • Hilda – The Terminator
  • Peppa – Staff of Scars
Pepper in Tower of Fantasy
Image via Perfect World / Hotta Studios

SSR Simulacra

  • Crow – Thunderblades
  • Huma – Molten Shield V2
  • Samir – Dual EM Stars
  • Zero – Negating Cube
  • Shiro – Chakram of the Seas
  • KING – Scythe of the Crow
  • Cocoritter – Absolute Zero
  • Tsubasa – Icewind Arrow
  • Meryl – Rosy Edge
  • Nemesis – Venus. Nemesis is a limited-time offer simulacra only on offer through the Red Nucleus cache.

At three stars, each of these simulacra gain a new outfit and upgraded weapon.

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As you progress in the game, these simulacra gain even more functionality, and you play their stories, for more lore and information.

Bai Ling in Tower of Fantasy
Image via Perfect World / Hotta Studios

How to get Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy

Simulacra are exclusively found through special orders, using Black, Gold, or Red Nuclei in a gacha system.

You do, however, get gifted one during the tutorial stage of the game.

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