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What Areas Will Total War: Pharaoh Cover?

Let's explore the full map of Pharaoh!
Total War: Pharaoh Map
Image via Creative Assembly

Total War: Pharaoh is the latest turn-based strategy real-time tactics game from developer Creative Assembly. While the studio started out focusing on historical strategy titles, it was the team’s recent Warhammer games that catapulted them to greater fame. But now they’re turning to their roots. Total War: Pharaoh is a Bronze Age-centered game focused on the New Kingdom of Egypt and its surrounding regions. Here is what areas Total War: Pharaoh will cover!

Total War: Pharaoh Map Explained

Total War: Pharaoh features a handful of key regions: Egypt, Mesopotamia, and portions of the Mediterranean. While Egypt is undoubtedly the main focal point of this strategy title, having a few other areas to conquer is nice. Unfortunately, the other two aren’t as fleshed-out as Egypt, which makes the community worried about future DLC and expansion abuse.

At release, you can play:

  • Ancient Egypt
    • Seti II
    • Amenmesse
    • Twosret
    • Ramesses III
  • Canaanites
    • Bay
    • Irsu
  • Hittites
    • Suppiluliuma II
    • Kurunta

So, that’s eight unique leaders in total, all with their units, abilities, and starting points.

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What Time Period is Total War: Pharaoh?

Total War: Pharaoh is set during the Late Bronze Age when swords, spears, and shields reigned supreme over the battlefield. The primary cultures in this region include Greece, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.

We fully expect to see DLC covering Greek and Mesopotamian factions and leaders, of course.

How Big is Total War: Pharaoh?

In all, there are said to be approximately 200 regions to explore and conquer in Total War: Pharaoh. Unfortunately, this lands it firmly on the smaller side. In all actuality, this would place Pharaoh in the “Saga” spinoff titles. It’s not, though. It’s a full-price Total War.

On the technical side, Total War: Pharaoh weighs in at 50 GB, which is relatively small when you compare it to, say, Total War: Warhammer 3, which is three times the size!

The Total War franchise is positively massive at this point—a juggernaut in the strategy genre. As such, you can expect Gamer Journalist to keep you up-to-date with the hottest guides. For example, here is How to Play Nurgle in Total War: Warhammer 3!

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