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Where to Get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe

Where to get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe
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When you start marching around in matte black armor with a gold trim, you know you’ve officially made it big. Nobody messes with a dude decked out in those colors, especially when they’re someone as well-known and respected as Harrow Prime. Nobody fronts on Harrow Prime. If you want to rock some serious cred, then here’s where to get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe.

To assemble the Harrow Prime Warframe, you need the main blueprint, plus the three component blueprints: the chassis, the neuroptics, and the systems. Once you’ve got the three component blueprints, you can put it all together to create Harrow Prime in all of its golden glory.

Where to get Harrow Prime Relics in Warframe

The components of Harrow Prime can be earned from the following Prime Relics:

  • Blueprint: AXI K6
  • Chassis: Meso G3
  • Neuroptics: AXI T8
  • Systems: Lith H3 

The main Blueprint and Neuroptics Blueprint can both be obtained from AXI Relics, and the best place to look for AXI Relics is Eris. Completing the Xini Interception mission on Eris, specifically in the B and C cycles, is guaranteed to get you one AXI Relic. 

For the Chassis Blueprint, we need Meso Relics, so take a trip over to Jupiter. Completing the A Rotation Io Defense mission has a good chance of landing you a Meso relic. You don’t even have to stay that long; just hang around for ten waves, then start it over to grind them.

The Lith Relics for the Systems will probably be the hardest find since they’re rated Rare, but a good place to look is in the Void. Quickly completing the Hepit Capture mission almost always rewards a Lith Relic.

Once you’ve got the right Relics, you can open them up in a Void Fissure mission. Assuming they’ve got the components you need, you can put ‘em all together, and voila: Harrow Prime.

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