Vampire Survivors PowerUp Guide - Prices and Upgrade Order
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Vampire Survivors PowerUp Guide – Prices and Upgrade Order

The most efficient way to unlock Vampire Survivors PowerUps
Vampire Survivors PowerUps

One of the more permanent aspects of Vampire Survivors is buying PowerUps. These grant your characters stats like more damage per rank, higher armor, more maximum health, and more. There are many different options available, and they each require a lot of coins to unlock. Each PowerUp you buy will also increase the price of subsequent PowerUp purchases by 10%. That means it’s probably a good idea to plan how you want to spend your coins if you want to do it efficiently.

Before diving into the Vampire Survivors PowerUp guide, you might be wondering how to get the coins you need to unlock PowerUps. You can pick up coins, bags of coins, and get coins from chests by playing through the game. In short, just play more games, do your best to survive, and you will slowly earn enough coins to be able to afford all of the PowerUps. It might be a good idea to invest in Greed first strictly to farm out money.

Vampire Survivors PowerUps

  1. Revival – Revives once with 50% health
  2. Reroll – Once per rank, allows getting different choices when leveling up
  3. Curse – Increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10% per level (max +50%)
  4. Amount – Fires 1 more projectile (all weapons)
  5. Growth – Gain 3% more experience per rank (max 15%)
  6. Cooldown – Uses weapons 2.5% faster per rank (max 5%)
  7. Armor – Reduces incoming damage by 1 per rank (max -3)
  8. Luck – Chance to get lucky goes up by 10% per rank (max +30%)
  9. Skip – Once per rank, allows to skip level up choices and get Experience instead
  10. Might – Raised inflicted damage by 5% per rank (max 25%)
  11. Greed – Gains 10% more coins per ranks (max +50%)
  12. Recovery – Recovers 0.1 HP per rank (max 0.5) per second
  13. Area – Augments area of attacks by 5% per rank (max 10%)
  14. Speed – Projectiles move 10% faster per ranks (max 20%)
  15. Duration – Effects from weapons last 15% longer per ranks (max 30%)
  16. MoveSpeed – Characters move 5% faster per rank (max 10%)
  17. Magnet – Items pickup range +25% per ranks (max +50%)
  18. Max Health – Augments max health by 10% per rank (max 30%)

Upgrade your PowerUps in this order if you want to save some coins. If you do not have the 202,000 coins required to fully unlock all PowerUps, invest in the Greed powerup first, and then Luck second. You will gain more overall gold (and chests) faster this way, and then you can fully refund them later. You may not care about being efficient, in which case your upgrade order will differ depending on what you find most useful for completing runs.

Vampire Survivors PowerUps Prices

PowerUpPrice 1Price 2Price 3Price 4Price 5Total Price
Max Health2004006001200

Vampire Survivors PowerUps FAQ

How many coins does it take to max all the PowerUps?

It currently takes 202,000 coins to unlock all of the PowerUps and get them to the maximum level in Vampire Survivors. This number may change in the future if the prices are adjusted or if new PowerUps are introduced into the game.

Can you refund PowerUps?

Yes, you can refund PowerUps in Vampire Survivors and get back 100% of the coins. There is no penalty for refunding your PowerUps, so feel free to experiment.

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