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Valorant’s New Agent and Season One Battle Pass Revealed

Brazil’s Riot Games division gave fans a look at a new upcoming Agent in a trailer today. We also got a glimpse of the new Season One Battle Pass we have all been hearing about, which is called Ignition. 

Valorant’s closed beta has been live since April, and players have patiently been awaiting some new content. Today’s the day where fans get a brief look at the game’s newest Agent. 

We know there will be a total of 12 Agents in the official Valorant launch. One of them can be seen at the end of the new trailer, which you can find below.

At the end of the trailer, we get a look at a new Agent that some players are speculating is named Sabine. We don’t have any official information about her yet. 

Her abilities remain a mystery, as the trailer only shows a quick glimpse of her face. There is a possibility this new Agent has some healing abilities because there’s only one in the game right now.

We also got some new information about the upcoming Season One Battle Pass for the June 2 release. Similar to Sabine, we didn’t get much information about what the Battle Pass entails. 

There will likely be missions, weapon skins, charms, player profile cards, and other fresh cosmetics. We know that Riot Games will not be adding character-specific skins in the game, though it could be a possibility down the line.

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