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Where to Find Bukeberries in Valheim

Where to Find Bukeberries in Valheim

Here’s a fun science fact: your body possesses the ability to vomit as a means of self-defense. Tossing your cookies isn’t just a gross thing we do at random, it’s your body’s way of purging potentially dangerous elements from your system. If your body detects something harmful like poison, it immediately purges it through the fastest means it has: your pie hole. Now, why you’d want the ability to do this on command, I cannot fathom, but if you wanna puke in Valheim, now you have a method. Here’s where to find Bukeberries in Valheim.

Newly added alongside the Hearth and Home update, Bukeberries are a special kind of fruit that, when consumed, will cause your character to immediately puke up the entire contents of their stomach. Is there a reason to do this aside from the sheer unpleasant spectacle of it? Actually, yes, there is. Forcing your character to puke immediately wipes any food-based buffs. Since you can only have one food buff at a time, Bukeberries can be used to quickly respec your buffs without waiting for the food to wear off.

Where to Find Bukeberries in Valheim

To find Bukeberries in Valheim:

  1. Go to the Black Forest or Plains biomes.
  2. Find and kill Greydwarf Brutes, Greydwarf Shamans, or Deathsquitos.
  3. Search their bodies afterwards to see if they dropped any Bukeberries.

Bukeberries aren’t naturally occurring in the world; you won’t find them growing on a bush like blueberries. The only way to obtain Bukeberries is to kill the monsters that hold them and loot them from their bodies. The monsters that may be holding Bukeberries include Greydwarf Shamans and Brutes found in the Black Forest biome, and Deathsquitos found in the Plains biome. If you’re looking to farm Bukeberries, I’d suggest seeking out Greydwarf Shamans, since they’re the weakest out of those three monster types.

Valheim Bukeberries

Once you’ve killed a few monsters, search their bodies, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find some Bukeberries, after which you can use them at any time from your inventory. Try not to use them unless you actually want to wipe some food buffs, though, because then you’re just being gross for its own sake.

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