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V Rising: Best Base Locations

The key to the real estate market is location, location, location.
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The key to the real estate market is location, location, location. Where you build is just as important as what you’re building, if not more so. This is true both in real life and in the realm of gothic castles owned by vampires. It may be a fortress of evil, but you still gotta make sure it’s a good neighborhood. Here are some of the best base locations in V Rising.

V Rising: Best Base Locations

When constructing your castle, you need to take a few factors of the surrounding topography into account. For instance, how strong are the enemies that hang around? Do you think you could manage their presence, and would they deter any potential intruders? You also need to consider the local supply of resources. Is it stuff you can make use of right away, or is it stuff you need to gradually work your way up to using? All of these factors, along with your own preferred playstyle and the actual availability of real estate, will lead you to your ultimate choice.

Taking all of that into consideration, here are three of the best general regions to set up shop in:

  • Dunley Farmlands
  • Cursed Forest
  • Silverlight Hills

Dunley Farmlands

The Dunley Farmlands are one of the more beginner-friendly regions, good for folks who don’t typically play these kinds of games. The local monster population isn’t too intimidating, resources like quartz and iron are plentiful, and it serves as a good hub area leading to most other major regions. However, due to the lack of strong monsters, castles in the Dunley Farmlands are very susceptible to attack from both NPCs and other players. The Farmlands are a great place to get your start, but you may find it more difficult to set up shop there long-term.

Cursed Forest

Nothing says “keep off my property” like a home in a decrepit, obviously-haunted forest. The Cursed Forest is teeming with natural resources, particularly huntable animals, while the vicious local monster population will go a long way toward keeping trespassers off your lawn. Of course, you’ll have to fight through those monsters to actually set up your castle, so you’ll need to already be kitted out and familiar with the game’s mechanics to survive here.

Silverlight Hills

This may seem like an odd choice given a vampire’s deathly allergy to silver, but it has its perks. The Silverlight Hills are the only region in the game you can obtain Silver ore, and while holding it does inflict damage-over-time on you, you won’t have to lug it around for too long if you’re mining in your own backyard. Like the Cursed Forest, there are also plenty of tough critters that you can conscript into guarding your stuff. The only downside is that it’s a long walk from the Silverlight Hills to pretty much anywhere else, so getting other kinds of resources can become much more complicated.

Remember, if you’re playing on an online server, there will be other players building their own castles all over the place, so you might not be able to build on your preferred spot. Of course, you could always just break into their castle, smash their Castle Heart, and build on the ruins, though they might not appreciate that.

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