UnderMine Relics

UnderMine Relics: complete list and effects

UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike game from Thorium Entertainment. Players control a random peasant and must delve down deep into the mine to discover its mysteries. In the mine, there are powerful relics that grant various stats and special abilities. UnderMine Relics are crucial in progressing through the game and fighting the deadly bosses that lurk below.

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We compiled a list of all the UnderMine Relics in the game, along with their effects. You can browse them below to see what powerful skills you can unlock. Some relics are rarer than others, but which ones you will find during your runs is entirely random.

UnderMine Relics

Here’s a complete list of UnderMine Relics and effects:

UnderMine RelicsEffect
108 BeadsHeal when praying at an altar.
Adventurer’s HatDiscover more secret rooms.
Adventurer’s WhipDiscover more treasure rooms.
AegisIncrease defense at critical health.
Aphotic CharmHeal in each new room for each curse.
AraConsumes a future curse after praying.
Archer’s PendantDeal more throw damage at high health.
Axe Thrower’s PendantDeal more throw damage at low health.
Battle AxeIncreases swing size, but slightly decreases swing damage.
Battle StandardIncreases move, attack, and throw speed at the beginning of battle.
Berserker’s PendantDeal more swing damage at low health.
Birthing PodAll HP gained goes to the pod. A Familiar will pop out after the pod hatches.
Bishop’s BombDeath at forty five degrees.
Blast SuitInvulnerability to friendly bomb blasts and increases bomb damage.
Blood BombLeeches life from enemies slain by bombs.
Bomb DoublerSometimes drop a new bomb when using an old bomb.
BombushkaBombs, in bombs, in bombs.
Bottled LightningChance on hit to chain lightning.
Bramble VestReturn damage but amplified.
Branding BombBombs brand enemies for sacrifice, +10 bombs.
BreastplateAdds a point of armor to the health bar.
Butcher’s CleaverSometimes drop meat from your enemies.
Canis MajorCrits temporarily increase crit chance.
Capture SphereBomb kills permanently increase bomb damage.
Caramel PopcornDuplicated food packs a surprise.
CatalystWhen healed, heal again.
Caustic VialEnemies hit with the thrown pickaxe explode on death.
ChakramThrow a whirling blade of death.
CircinusTemporarily reveals secret rooms, secret rooms can have secret rooms.
ConductorElectrify your enemies when picking up gold.
Cosmic EggIncreases experience gain for a familiar.
Cracked OrbCurse enemies with increased damage.
Crippling PoisonChance on hit to poison your enemies.
Demon RingIncrease swing damage.
DevotionPray twice at altars.
Dillon’s ClawDeal even more damage when you critical strike.
Dirk’s HammerTransmute an item by hitting it.
DollBlocks the next few curses.
Doom BladeGain damage for each carried curse.
Double DoublerChance to drop a key and bomb when using either.
DuplicatorRelic rooms present a tantalizing choice.
Electrified OrbOrbits the peasant and shocks enemies on contact.
Emperor’s CrownIncreases stats and receive a blessing.
Fan of KnivesRelease a spray of daggers when you throw.
Float BootsWalk on air.
Floating SkullA shield that blocks projectiles, most of the time.
ForkSplits your ranged attacks.
Four Leaf CleaverSometimes drop golden meat from your enemies.
Four Leaf CloverHit the gold right out of your enemies’ pockets.
GaloshesWalk and jump on oil.
GauntletsAdds a point of armor to the health bar.
Gecko BlastBomb blasts attract items.
GlaiveIncreases throw size, but slightly decreases throw damage.
Glass CannonIncreases damage, but decreases maximum health.
Gold FrenzyGain temporary damage when picking up gold.
Gold ToothSustain yourself on gold.
Golden DeliciousAll food is golden and extra delicious.
Golden IdolDiscover more rooms and get rich.
Golden PopcornGold will sometimes duplicate itself.
Golden PowderTurns rock into gold.
Gordon’s TunicReduces elemental damage.
GreavesAdds a point of armor to the health bar.
Grimhilde’s MirrorReturn projectiles with an attack.
GuantesThrow that pickaxe a bit harder.
GuidanceRicochet the thrown pickaxe.
Helios BootsFire patches last for much longer and deal more damage.
Holy GuacamoleFind more altar rooms.
Hoodie’s PillowReduces physical damage.
Hot Cross BunIncreases maximum health, very slightly.
Hungry GhostLeach the life of your enemies.
HyperstoneIncrease attack speed.
IntensifierIncreases damage when killing enemies.
InverterLost curses become blessings.
Iron BranchIncrease health, swing damage, and attack speed.
Karmic ScaleHealth, damage, and healing become small and even.
Key BladeIncreases swing damage for each key you have.
Key DoublerSometimes drop a new key when using an old key.
King’s CrownIncrease swing damage, throw size, and throw speed.
Knight’s PendantDeal more swing damage at high health.
Kurtz’ StacheA mysterious box that invites calamity.
Large EmberLight nearby enemies on fire.
Lava WalkersWalk on fire.
LeftoversFind old, gross food in chests.
Lightning BombBomb explosions chain lightning.
LockpickOpen locks for free, but for how long?
Lucky CharmA chance at avoiding death.
Lucky LockpickA chance to not die, and no chance to break.
LunchboxStore a piece of food for later.
MapGet a peep at your surroundings.
MasaReduces throw damage and increases swing damage.
MasamuneInstantly kills enemies sometimes.
Master PickaxeFire projectiles at full health.
Meal TicketFree food at the shop, right now!
Mediocre RingIncreases health and damage.
Miner’s FlaskFeel the effects of a potion for longer.
MiniaturizerFind small boxes in big boxes.
Mirror ShieldAutomatically reflect projectiles.
MjolnirSummon lightning when the pickaxe is caught.
MuneReduces swing damage and increases throw damage.
MushroomGain maximum health when killing enemies.
NullstoneBlock a hit once in a while.
Obsidian KnifeDramatically increases damage, but breaks when hit.
Othermine ConduitGhastly hands will attack the enemy.
Paladin ShieldIncreases stats.
PauldronAdds a point of armor to the health bar.
Petrified RockIncrease drop rate of items from rocks.
Phantasmal AxeThrown pickaxes duplicate themselves.
Pilfer Credit Card Black EditionA 7,500 limit at no interest.
Pilfer Credit Card GoldA 5,000 limit at no interest.
Pilfer Credit Card SilverA 2,500 limit at no interest.
Pilfer RingSoak up gold and get a discount at the shop.
Pilfer’s GiftBe blessed with two gifts from the pilfers.
Pocket GrillCooks all your food.
Pocket of HoldingGet some temporary bombs each room.
PopcornItems will sometimes duplicate themselves.
Queen’s BombDeath in all directions.
Queen’s CrownIncrease throw damage, swing size, and swing speed.
Rabbit GlovesGet a free item in every shop.
Rat BondBecome charming to rats.
RecyclerDestroy empty chests for items.
Remote DetonatorDetonate bombs when you feel like it.
ResurrectionResurrect on death.
Rook’s BombDeath at ninety degrees.
SagittaEnemies explode in arrows after a critical strike.
Salamander TailChance on hit to ignite your enemies.
Seasoned PopcornFood will sometimes duplicate itself.
Seer’s BloodBombs explode in a shower of fire.
Selt’s EggSpawn larvae on entrance.
Sequence BreakerTeleport to your pickaxe.
Sewing KitKeep all your gold when you die.
Shadow’s FangHigher chance to critical strike.
Shield of QuillsGain two points of armor, armor increases damage.
Short WicksReduces the bomb cooldown.
Siegfried’s AegisInflicts pain on the bearer.
Simple ChestOverstocks the shop.
Sonic BoomThrow really fast.
Soul CannonFire a projectile while swinging.
Soul GuardReduces and redirects damage to your max HP.
Spare OrdinanceDiscover a bomb in every chest.
SuneaterConsumes all current and future blessings and converts them to swing damage.
TentAdds a tent to the starting room of a floor, one use only.
Throwing StarThrown pickaxe penetrates enemies and objects.
Totem of LifeSustain yourself through adventure.
Transmutagen BlastTransforms items.
Tsar BombaKilling enemies with a bomb spawns a new bomb. Carried bombs decrease swing and throw damage.
Twisted BladeIncreases critical strike chance for each carried curse.
U-235Bomb damage is proportional to the number of carried bombs plus five bombs.
Unstable ConcoctionGold hits the floor with explosive force.
Ursa MajorIncreases max health after eating food.
Ursine RingIncrease health.
Vorpal BladeAttack quickly without stopping.
War PaintIncrease attack damage and speed when killing enemies.
Wet BlanketPuts out fires immediately, but requires water charges.

More UnderMine Relics may come in future expansions or DLCs, so we will update this list if that happens. You can pick up UnderMine on Steam as of August 6, 2020.

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