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Traversal Tips for Olija

Traversal Tips for Olija

I’ve often pondered on the applications of travel-centric superpowers like flying or teleporting. They’d certainly make it easier to visit home and take vacations to exotic locales without having to deal with irritating things like traffic jams or the laws of physics. If the way Faraday uses his legendary Harpoon in Olija is any indication, they’d also be great for Indiana Jones-style ruin exploration. Here are a few tips for getting around in Olija.

Traversal Tips for Olija

You’ll pick up a trick or two while exploring Olija. Here are a few tips to help you get around quicker and make sure you don’t miss any hidden areas.

Stick that Target

Faraday’s Harpoon allows him to briefly transcend time and space and warp himself to wherever he throws it. This is a fundamental part of both regular travel and problem-solving in Olija; if something’s out of your reach, throw your Harpoon at it, and it soon won’t be. However, there’s an important rule you need to remember: in order to warp to the Harpoon, it needs to be physically stuck in something, like a crate, an enemy, or one of those floating eyeballs. If the Harpoon just lands on the ground, all you’ll be able to do is recall it to Faraday.

Use that Hang-time

When Faraday warps to an object that’s floating in mid-air, he’ll hang in the air for about a second before he starts falling. It’s in this frame you can throw the Harpoon again to stick it in something else and keep warping. As long as there’s something within your line of sight, you can keep warping without hitting the ground. Even if you miss your throw, Faraday doesn’t fall especially fast, so in the time between your initial warp and when you hit the ground, you can usually pop off a good 2-3 throws if you recall the Harpoon quickly. 

Watch for Eyes

Scattered around Terraphage are small, shadowy eyeball creatures. Don’t ask me what they’re doing there, but they’re quite beneficial. The floating eyes can be used as warp points for your Harpoon, and if you need to travel by air, they’re usually lined up in a clear pathway. You should also look out for little clusters of eyes hanging off of ceilings; these clusters usually signify the presence of a warp point right above them, so always throw your Harpoon into them to see where they lead. If you’re ever unsure where to go or what to do, the eyes will guide you.

Shoot into the Unknown

While most of Terraphage is composed of enclosed areas, there’s some wider spaces too. Whenever you see an open ceiling or a conspicuous hole in the wall, take a moment to chuck your Harpoon into it. If you’re lucky, it’ll latch onto something you couldn’t see, allowing you to warp into secret nooks. 

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