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How to Rescue Castaways in Olija

How to Rescue Castaways in Olija

If you’ve ever played a game of dodgeball or capture the flag in school, you know how annoying it is to be imprisoned while the game goes on around you. You want to be an active participant, but until a teammate saves your butt, all you can do is sit, wait, and occasionally shoot people dirty looks. Thankfully, Olija’s Faraday is a team player who knows how to get his dudes out of a jam. Here’s how to rescue castaways in Olija.

How to Rescue Castaways in Olija

When a giant storm capsizes Faraday’s ship, both he and his men wash ashore on the continent of Terraphage. Now, while a good portion of Faraday’s men sadly perished in the wreck, there are at least ten of them who managed to make it out alive. That’s the good news; the bad news is that they were all immediately captured by the Rottenwood Tribe and placed in cages around the country, presumably to await some nondescript torture. As you travel through Terraphage’s various islands, you’ll no doubt encounter one of Faraday’s men in these hanging cages, and if you can break the cage, you can whisk one of these unfortunate castaways back to the relative safety of Oaktide.

The rub here is that the cages can only be destroyed by cutting the rope that suspends them. If you were thinking of throwing your Harpoon at them, good guess, but the Harpoon’s too skinny to hit the rope. You’ll need to get right up next to it and cut it with Faraday’s sword. 

Oftentimes, when you see a trapped castaway, they’ll be suspended out of your reach, but there’s always a path nearby that can get you next to their cage’s rope. Search nearby rooms in a methodical manner; if there’s any passage that can lead you upward, follow it and try to get above the room where you saw the cage. Look for breakable boards or outcroppings of eyeballs; there’s always a path to that rope, you just have to find it. 

When you get right up next to that rope, just cut it with your sword to drop the cage. Don’t worry, the castaway will be fine. Just run up to him and interact with him, and he’ll be sent safely back to Oaktide. 

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