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How to Make Hats in Olija

How to Make Hats in Olija

It’s a scientific fact that people like hats, probably. I love a big, fluffy hat that keeps my head warm in the winter, or a bucket hat to keep the sun out of my eyes in the spring. As great as hats are, though, you know the one thing most hats don’t do? Make it easier to fight people. Not unless your name is Oddjob, anyway. That’s the difference between regular hats and the enchanted hats of Olija. Here’s how to make some top-notch hats of your own in Olija.

Fairly early in the game, you’ll come across a lonely tailor suspended in a cage. Cut him down and talk to him to learn of his trade and his passion for enchanted headgear, both of which he will offer to you in exchange for rescuing him. Next time you return to Oaktide, you’ll see the tailor’s boat right next to the dock, so pop in to say hello and get the low-down on hats.

How to Make Hats in Olija

The tailor can craft seven different enchanted hats out of materials scavenged from around Terraphage. If you want him to make you a hat, all you have to do is visit him, go up to the hat display you want created, and interact with it. However, you’ll need to have enough materials and money on hand to make an order. If you’ve got everything you need, the hat stand will glow green; otherwise, it’ll glow red.

Obtaining materials is a pretty straightforward endeavor; you’ll find your fair share of them just by exploring the world, opening chests, and defeating enemies. Some materials do require a little bit of cajoling on your part; for example, to get bones from a corpse, you may have to give a couple of good smacks. For bamboo, you’ll need to cut it down with your sword. You can also get materials from the explorator stationed in Oaktide. Just pay him a small fee, and he’ll set out in search of neat junk. Next time you return to town, interact with him to see what he’s brought you.

When you’ve made some hats, you can equip them in the tailor’s ship, and right before voyaging to an island. To use your hat’s special effect, you’ll need to fill up the red-and-yellow meter underneath your health bar. When the meter is sufficiently full, your effects will trigger during a dodge roll or at the end of certain combos, depending on the hat. If you’d like a recommendation, I’d personally go for the Scorching Brine Hat, as it both makes you immune to acid and secretes its own after a combo.

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