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How to Build Combos in Olija

How to Build Combos in Olija

Most things in life are better in groups. Vacations, meals, games, and of course, blood-soaked combat. Pulling off a proper combo in an action game gives you a very particular rush of adrenaline that makes you feel capable and in control of the situation. You’re so fast, you could hit a dude four times, and he can’t even do anything about it. Here’s how you can build those kinds of satisfying combos in Olija.

“I can do it! I can do it nine times!”

Olija’s Faraday, despite being from a poor fishing village, is no slouch in the hand-to-hand combat department. Even before he gets his hands on the legendary harpoon, he can throw out crushing blows with his bare hands at surprising speeds. It’s when he gets that harpoon, however, that things really start to get interesting.

How to Build Combos in Olija

When you’re engaged in combat, you’ll notice small grey dots appear over Faraday’s head every time he lands a blow on an enemy. Any kind of hit counts, whether it be with your harpoon, your fists, your sword, or your guns. As long as each hit happens within a few seconds of each other, you’ll get more dots. When you’ve got three dots, another hit will cause the dots to combine into a spinning circle shape. This is your signal that it’s time for a combo ender; whichever weapon you use next, Faraday will perform a massive attack that will send foes flying. These attacks can change slightly depending on your inputs; for example, if you use the sword as a combo ender while standing still, Faraday will perform a series of rapid stabs. If you use it while running forward, Faraday will perform a dashing slice attack.

However, the grey dot combos are small beans compared to the good stuff. If you throw your harpoon at a foe and dash to it, your combo dots will turn golden. You only need to perform one harpoon dash to get golden dots, so after that, you can start attacking like normal. When you get the combo ender signal, now also golden in color, you’ll be able to perform even stronger finishing moves that not only hit harder, but tend to have a much wider strike radius. For example, a normal combo ender with the harpoon will have Faraday perform a large sweeping strike. A golden combo ender with the harpoon produces a massive golden geyser from the ground that can hit at least a good three enemies if properly targeted.

So remember, to get the most out of your combos, it’s harpoon-dash, four hits, and a big, flashy combo ender. Try it with all of your weapons to see which one you like best!

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