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Tower Of Fantasy – All Upcoming Characters (2023)

New waifu's are coming!
All new characters in Tower of Fantasy 2023
Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy has many characters, each with a unique weapon and elemental type. In the global version of the game, you can choose from over 15 different Simulacra, although the Chinese version has a few more characters just out of our reach because of their updates. With so many characters, it’s hard to choose.

However, as we make our way into the new year, we will be getting new Simulacra and weapons, although we aren’t sure which we’re getting first. So follow this guide to see all upcoming characters in Tower of Fantasy 2023.

All Upcoming Characters

Image via Hotta Studio

Tower of Fantasy will soon release a new update called Version 2.3 Amisdst Miasma on February 2, 2023, in which we will receive a new map and, of course, new characters. According to a Twitter post by Tower of Fantasy on January 18, 2023, we can see the new Simulacrum.

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We can see a few unfamiliar faces and a few faces we have been waiting to make their way to global. We can speculate that we will be getting Alyss, Umi, and Fenrir in the new update, Version 2.3. However, Tower of Fantasy will not confirm which character will be introduced to the Limited Order Cache. So, we can be sure we are getting Alyss, Umi, and Fenrir first. But we probably will be seeing Lan and Icarus later in the year.

There you have it! All upcoming characters in Tower of Fantasy 2023. Check out Gamer Journalist on Facebook to join in on the discussion and keep up to date with our content. Want more Tower of Fantasy? Here are some guides you may like How To Get Pets In Tower of Fantasy – Best Pets To Have or How To Race In Tower of Fantasy.

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