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Image Via Eek! Games

Top 15 Best Adult/Sex Games on Steam In 2023

It's getting hot in here.

Adult/sex games are common in the world of gaming. Visual novels where you’re a lonely male, wandering around town, and on your journey, you meet five gorgeous women are common. There are plenty of games on Steam that focus on heavy themes. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to play a good ol’ sex game, so, we’ve made it easier for you to decide which one to snag. Here are our favorite adult/sex games on Steam.

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Best Adult/Sex Games on Steam

Mature content warning: This article deals with sexual subject matter that is appropriate only for an adult audience.

We’re going to have to remind the readers that these games are 18+. That means anyone younger shouldn’t be playing due to their graphical nature. We suppose this is also a good time to remind you all that this article is NSFW (not safe for work) and NSFP (not safe for the public). If you still think you can handle it and you’re not a literal child, keep reading, and learn which games are the best adult/sex games on Steam.

House Party

Image Via Eek! Games

*Cough* Doja Cat *Cough*, did you know Doja Cat plays House Party and is one of the voice actors? In fact, there’s a whole Doja Cat expansion pack. Imagine attending a house party and Doja Cat is there with an appearance. The reason House Party is on our list is because of nudity, strong sexual content, drugs, language, and everything to be expected from a dope party. This is a 3D-Adventure game where you party how you want, with who you want, and talk to who you want. You can date, perform side quests, and create a story depending on the choices you have made. Have sex with people you form connections with and you can even date them.

Beach Bounce

Image Via Dharker Studio

Are there any visual novel players out there? We found the perfect game for you. Beach Bounce follows Tomoyo who is staying at his grandmother Umi’s beach resort. He just wants to have the perfect summer at the beach, and if that means being surrounded by beautiful babes, that’s fine. Make choices with the women who work at the beach resort, form relationships, and keep in mind there’s an uncensored version on Steam. That means…even more, raunchy scenes with everything showing. Everything. It also has different endings that range from good, and bad, to fun. With multiple pathways to reach the end, you can form relationships in various ways with different people.

AI Shoujo

AI Shoujo

This game is relaxing, and breathtaking, and offers your character to unwind as he’s living in paradise. This simulation crafting and survival game focus on living a carefree life. Meet beautiful AI women where you can customize how they appear. You can sculpt their bodies to make them appear lifelike and you can work on your relationship with them. You can play, learn, and sleep with your partner to make this game feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. If you want to have sex with them you don’t need to do much but have a conversation with her. There are also mods you can use so you can have sex with them before you beat the game. Mods are pretty great, huh?

Senren * Banka


Another visual novel that is overwhelmingly popular on Steam right now. You’re Arichi Masaomi and you’ve made your way to a village called Hoori. Eventually, you marry a shrine maiden, pull a sword from a stone, and uncover a curse. These are great and everything but we’re here for boobies. Senren * Banka has big-boobed hentai girls where you can romance. The dialogues are fun, the plot is great, and the storylines are fantastic to explore. In reality, though we’re only here for the big boobies. This game is long and you’ll be looking at plenty of hours spent trying to get through the game and going through all the content. It gives you just enough time to appreciate the artwork and women.

Crush Crush

Image Via Sad Panda Studios

We love playing dating games! They’re the perfect way to kill time while also enjoying yourself a bit. Crush Crush is an idle dating simulator where you have your pick of over 40 women to woo and date. You can collect tons of high-resolution raunchy pictures to save, speak to women with tons of voiced dialogue, and play dress-up with your waifu by giving them outfits. Make sure you give gifts to help raise your relationship status. You don’t want to be friend-zoned your entire life. You also need to reach certain stats in order to raise your relationship with different women. Some like a sporty man, whereas others want some shoes.


Image Via Team Amorous

We didn’t forget you lover of furry content. Amorous is a pansexual furry dating simulation where you have entered the neon lights of Amorous. It’s a nightclub where furries can enjoy each other’s company and play mini-games. There are 9 furries you can date that has a ton of dialogue, as well as, a character creation mechanic. Create your own furry and give them the personality and body they’ve always wanted. Seriously, some of the dialogue in this game is hilarious. It’s definitely NSFW and you have been warned.

Being a DIK

Being a DIK
Image Via Dr PinkCake

Visual novels are some of our favorite types of games. In this college-focused visual novel game, you’re playing as a male going through his life at university. University sucks when you’re just studying, waking up early, and trying to have a part-time job. Imagine what it would be like if you could live university life by getting into parties, having sex, and getting into drama. That’s what this game is all about and you’re taking part in the experience. You play as a low-income, young, male who is trying to find himself and is trying hard not to be a DIK.

Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia
Image Via NLT Media

What is the entire point of playing Treasure of Nadia? Meet hot women! You had me at meet hot women. In this sultry game, you’re trying to learn about this majestic island you’ve come across on your travels. Eventually, you learn that beautiful women inhabit the island and now you’re trying to create a harem. There are stunning women you can meet such as the sexy librarian or the busty doctor. This is a visual novel and it’s up to you to create a serene environment surrounded by tons of women.


Image Via TUNNEL no.73

In this RPG you’re stepping away from modern life and entering the fantasy world. You’ll meet elf knights and monsters, and you’ll come across the beautiful Seria. In this game, you’re embarking on a journey trying to find where all the women have run off to. This is a strategy game where you need to read your enemy and analyze the situation. That probably will be hard to do if your eyes are looking somewhere else.

Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue

Aokana - Four Rhythms Across the Blue
Image Via sprite

There’s nothing like a game focusing on Kawaii anime girls. In this game, you’re literally riding through the sky and participating in what is known as “Flying Circus”. This is a well-known sport where you can fly using unique shoes to glide around. The characters you meet in this game will be able to have sexual relationships with you. The setting is beautiful, the story is lovely, and the characters you meet will have you falling in love. This is a visual novel experience and it will have you feel as if you’re really playing an anime.

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me
Image Via SMILE

Oh no, poor Ren, he has to go through a series of unfortunate events where he has to go to school with cute demon girls. If you’re a fan of visual novels, bright colors, and cute demon girls that live together in the same dormitory as a boy name Ren then you’re in luck. The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is exactly as you would have guessed it. All these cute and incompetent demons love Ren and due to their incompetence, they become problematic. What will happen to Ren? We can guess it. Will he fall in love with Kiritani Riria?

Sakura Dungeon

Sakura Dungeon
Image Via Winged Cloud

We are starting to see a pattern in all these sex games. The majority of them include anime girls, dungeons, and mystical creatures. In Sakura Dungeon you’re playing as Yomi, a fox spirit who needs to reclaim their lost dungeon. Unfortunately, their dungeon was stolen and it’s up to you to gather your troops of equally good-looking soldiers and fight against monsters. This is a first-person RPG where you can capture monster girls and try to claim what is rightfully yours.

Succubus Affection

Succubus Affection
Image Via Succubus Diary

This is a side-scrolling RPG where your objective is to try to defeat monsters so you can your sister can live a peaceful life in your remote village. You’re trying to train hard to fight off these beasts, the only problem, is that you keep falling for your enemies. This is a hentai meaning you will be offered sex quite a lot. You don’t have to befriend these beasts but you might as well have a little fun while you’re trying to power up. There are a lot of monsters, which means, there are a lot of opportunities to befriend and seduce good-looking ones. It’s a lewd 2D platformer where relationships matter.

Princess Project

Princess Project
Image Via Triangle!

When you find out that your father is injured and you need to really take your job as a princess seriously, what do you do? Do you act out your royal duties or do you say screw it and let your bad reputation continue to stay tarnished? In This RPG you play as Princess Meeyu who basically is a useless princess and it’s up to you to rebuild your reputation. Try to please your subjects and convince them that you’re not as terrible as they think you are. Or are you going to just continue to be naughty?

Terrible Laboratory

Terrible Laboratory
Image Via aburasobabiyori

In this slice-of-life RPG, you’re playing as Konica Yaegaki who is a scientist that wants to save her lab from mongrels wanting to tarnish her reputation. She loses her staff, and her dignity, and loses 50 million yen in the process! How is she ever going to get her money and reputation back up? She could always try building a robot and selling it to the highest bidder. If you’re a fan of the humiliation genre then this game is perfect for you. It has a compelling and dark story attached to it and Konica is put into some crazy situations.

How to View Adult-Only Content on Steam

If you’re looking to play raunchy games on Steam make sure you update your store preferences. There are some games out there you probably didn’t realize were available because you didn’t update your preferences. In order to do this, you need to click your profile, go to store preferences, scroll until you see mature content, and check the “Adult Only Sexual Content” box. You can also customize the settings to your liking, for example, if you want games that don’t have a lot of gore simply uncheck the box. If you want to see nudity check the box.

That’s our list of the top 6 best adult content games you can play right now on Steam. Be sure to follow Gamer Journalist for updates, guides, and codes. We also offer guides, codes, and news on popular and upcoming gaming titles.

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