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Top 5 Best Pro Female VALORANT Players

We've listed the top 5 best pro female VALORANT players that you need to know about.
Top female VALORANT pros - Split
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The best pro female VALORANT players often go overlooked and underappreciated. The lack of mixed-gender VALORANT teams means that some of the girls out there aren’t getting the respect and recognition they deserve, and that’s a crime.

There are some incredible pro female VALORANT players that aren’t just the best in their gender class, but amongst the top players of the game regardless of sex.

This list is going to highlight who we think are the five best female VALORANT pros in no particular order.

Michaela “Mimi” Lintrup

G2 Gozen is the top female VALORANT team in EU and is competing with Cloud 9 White for the top spot globally. Mimi is primarily G2 Gozen’s Chamber player, and she’s a complete beast.

Consistently dropping over 20 kills, Mimi dictates the pace of the games she plays. Teams are forced to play around her thanks to her Oping prowess, but she’s also an incredible rifle player.

She’s arguably the best pro female VALORANT player in the world, especially considering her performance in VCT Game Changers 2022.

Julia “Juliano” Kiran

Juliano is the other half of the Mimi coin. The two of them together are what has turned G2 Gozen into a global powerhouse of a team.

She’s G2 Gozen’s primary dualist. Given that both Chamber and the dualist roles are kill-orientated, it’s not surprising to see both Mimi and Juliano put up great numbers. Putting up the kind of numbers they do so consistently, though, is something of note.

For a dualist main, Juliano is incredibly flexible, playing Jett, Yoru, and Neon all in the same series – which was also the VCT Game Changers final. Any player that can perform well on all dualists against a world-class team is one to watch, and Juliano is just that.

Melanie “Mel” Capone

There’s little doubt that Mel is currently the best female VALORANT player in North America. In fact, there isn’t a sane soul alive that can argue against C9 White (C9W) being the best female VALORANT team in NA.

Globally, teams like G2 Gozen and Guild X might be able to give them a run for their money, but at home, no one can touch them.

NA has some great female VALORANT teams like TSM X and Dignitas Female. However, the skill gap between Cloud 9 White and the rest of the female league is so wide that it’s concerning.

That gap exists thanks in part to Mel – C9W’s resident Chamber main and team captain.

Chamber is possibly the strongest agent in the game. So, when you put him into the hands of a T1 player like Mel, you get carnage.

The numbers that she puts up consistently against the best of the best are astounding. She could potentially be the best pro female VALORANT player, but she has yet to test her metal against the world-beating roster that G2 has put together.

Yağmur “Smurfette” Gündüz

Smurfette is a Jett main that plays for Guild X – the runner-up against G2 in VCT Game Changers. Despite losing 3-0 to G2, each of the series games was extremely close and the team had a solid bracket run-up to that point.

Smurfette played a large part in that. While she lacks the flexibility that someone like Juliano has, her mastery of Jett makes up for that.

She constantly top-frags for her team and plays Jett fundamentally flawlessly. She’s an incredible rifler that has what it takes to make it to the top, provided she has the right roster surrounding her.

Anja “aNNja” Vasalic

aNNja’s role on the roster Guild X used for VCT Game Changers 2022 could be considered a part of what led to the team’s defeat in the finals. She’s an incredible player, but she gets bounced around agents far too much.

She plays Sage unless the map she’s playing on doesn’t need a Sage. In that case, she plays Breach, unless someone else is playing Breach or they don’t need one, in which case she’ll hop onto a KAY/O or even the occasional Chamber.

You can look at that and only see Sentinels and Initiators, but each of those agents is so fundamentally different from one another.

The fact that aNNja can perform well across all those agents on different maps and against different teams is a testament to her skill and makes her one of the best pro female VALORANT players in the world.

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