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The DOOM Mod Taking Over TikTok – Where to Play MyHouse.WAD

Into the mind of Steven Nelson
Image via Veddge

It is impossible to shake that feeling of nostalgia in video games. With games getting further and further away to what we remember of the iconic GameBoy Advance due to the natural progression and added realism of the newest consoles and their graphics. But that nostalgic feeling is often encompassed within an aesthetic or specific playstyle of the way the enemies move and the guns feel. For me, growing up, I often return to TimeSplitters for the Arcade Mode, Spryo to see the Dinosaur in the opening, Crash Bandicoot for its lobby music and Abe’s Odyssey for his face in the Main Menu. These feelings cannot be replicated within any game due to the factor that will be present for everyone – the growing up. But moments of nostalgia and pops of genius appear from nowhere and from the most unlikeliest places – the internet. This is MyHouse.WAD, a DOOM Mod and one that is definitely worth the play.

What is MyHouse.WAD?

Inspired by pure nostalgia and a beautiful tribute to his childhood friend, MyHouse.WAD was created to bring back those hard-core fans for the retro shooters and inspire them further through its great level design and bizarre story. Whilst there is no dialogue or actual storyline to follow as you can really take yourself anywhere from the Basic House, you will find yourself experiencing the most video game take of falling down into the rabbit hole and into wonderland itself. With the nostalgic feel of a 90s shooter as a Mod for the classic DOOM installment, your nostalgic trip will be a short one as its gripping and fascinating level design will keep you playing. There is nothing quite like entering a shooter and staying to admire the craftmanship of its coding.

MyHouse will take you on a journey and one that will require multiple playthroughs to come to grips on what you had just experienced. Inspired by the complicated House of Leaves, being something that I am unable to concisely explain to you, reader, in this article. With many messages hidden inside MyHouse depicting trauma, loneliness, grief and existential dread mixed in with the currently popular liminal space horror and a labyrinth to get yourself lost in. There is so much in this game that in words does not do it enough justice. Not only this but, any more would spoil the experience.

How to Play the DOOM II Mod – My House

The method to playing the DOOM Mod, MyHouse.WAD is tougher than you might have originally anticipated. Keep in mind that this game was not meant for literally anyone to play as that was not its original purpose. My House feels like an actual freeze frame of the Developer, Veddge’s mind and all of the negative emotions and his journey he has been on since his friend’s passing. It is a game that should simply not be placed on all platforms and to be consumed by those eager to see all of its secrets. Rather, those wanting to experience this game should head in with an open mind and heart to experience it in whatever capacity they wish to.

For those wanting to play MyHouse.WAD, you will need to download GZDoom which is the tool needed to play retro DOOM games. As this Mod is made specific to DOOM II, GZDoom is the only port that works for MyHouse. GZDoom is only available on Windows. Once downloaded, you will need the game and you can find it here. All you need to do is move the game file ‘myhouse.pk3’ into GZDoom’s Folder on your PC. From here, you can open the Mod up and start playing.

That was how to play MyHouse.WAD, we hope you find the experience as interesting as we did. For more GJ guides from the website, be sure to check out the latest here. Thank you for reading this guide, thank you Veddge for creating something in the gaming world with impact, creativity and dedication.

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