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The Best Gifts for Each Character in Coral Island (Early Access)

Need a helping hand in what to gift those lovely residents of Coral Island? Look no further!

Are you ready to enjoy the thrill of gift giving in Coral Island without the heartache of disappointing your fellow islanders? Here’s an entire list of all things acceptable and appreciated by all 53 current residents of Coral Island who you can gift to.

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The best gifts for each character in Coral Island

For the entire cast, there are currently only two gifts that are universally loved in the game. Those are:

  • Golden Pearl
  • Rainbow Wool

For every other item, the gifts are more character specific. Below we will arrange the characters into the romanceable characters and non-romanceable characters for easier reading.

Romanceable characters


  • Ben – Banana, Green Tea, Mushrooms
  • Charles – Diamond, Cookies, Blueberry, Burrito, Falafel
  • Kenny – Green Tea, Hash browns, Lychee, Kombucha, Roasted Almonds, Soybean, Vegan Tacos
  • Luke – Butter Croissant, Eggplant Lasagna, Ratatouille, Tomato Soup, Stew, Wine
  • Mark – Egg Custard, Hot Chocolate, Shiitake Mushrooms, Tomato Soup
  • Noah – Clam Chowder, Durian, Roasted Mushroom, Sushi
  • Pablo – Cauliflower Casserole, Fried Rice, Pizza, Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Potato Poutine
  • Rafael – Fruit Juice, Onyx, Sashimi
  • Raj – Apple Pie, Donut, Green Tea, Coffee/Coffee Beans (can be basic or Luwak), Tea Leaf
  • Scott – Daffodils, Egg Custard, Falafel, Geode, King Red Arowana, Mayonnaise, Yellow Moray Eel
  • Surya – Herbed Tempeh, Lodeh, Melon, Pufferfish, Wild Mushroom Polenta
  • Theo – Bamboo Shoot, Coconut Drink, Tacos, Snow Drops, Yellow Moray Eel
  • Wakuu – Cenil, Chocolate Chip Muffin, Mango, Salmon, Vegan Taco


  • Aaliyah – Chocolate Chip Muffin, Hummus, Strawberry, White Hibiscus, Luwak Coffee
  • Alice – Almond Oil, Dye, Green Smoothie, Minced Jackfruit Pie, Olive Oil
  • Chaem – Gnocchi, Pizza, Seafood Ramen, Veggie Ramen
  • Eva – Cookies, Diamonds, Orchids, Peony, Red Velvet Cake
  • Leah – Hot Chocolate, Pearl
  • Lily – Sunflowers, Cheese, Kimchi, Onigiri, Spring Frittata
  • Macy – Blue and Red Quartz, Fruit Tart, Guacamole, Wine
  • Millie – Assorted Grilled Platter, Sugarcane, Seafood/Vegetable Ramen
  • Nina – Flower Bouquets, Fruit Juice, Yogurt
  • Suki – Diamonds, Minced Jackfruit Pie, Daffodils
  • Yuri – Chocolate Chip Muffin, Green or Red Curry, Frogfish, Lobster
  • Zarah – Serpentine, Azurite, Hummus, Rambutan

Other islanders

  • Anne – Carrot, Fruit Juice, Fried Tempeh, Green Tea, Hummus, Kimchi
  • Antonio – Coffee, Serabi
  • Archie – Basil Pesto Pasta, Burrito, Ice Cream, Fish Taco, Gems (any and all)
  • Betty – Cauliflower, Daffodil, Red Velvet Cake
  • Bree – Jackfruit, Vegan Taco
  • Connor – Sake, Bok Choy, Pineapple Upside-down Cake, White Truffle Oil
  • Dinda – Melon, Fresh Salad, Flower Bouquet, Pearl
  • Dippa – Hash browns, Beet, Hawaiian Pizza, Radish
  • Eleanor – Green Tea, Lychee, Puss Moth, Spicebush Swallowtail/Birdwing Butterfly, Firefly
  • Emily – Almond and Olive Oil, Sautéed Chard
  • Emma – Coffee, Shells (all) Cotton Cloth, Fish Taco, Hot Cocoa
  • Erika – Jam, Cane Nectar, Mushroom and Pepper Flatbread, Red Curry
  • Frank – Hot Pepper, Avocado, Pancakes, Fruit Juice, Sunny-side Up Eggs
  • Jack – Artichoke, Kimchi, Lettuce, Fruit Tart
  • Jim – Sashimi, Shiitake Mushroom, Wasabi, Seafood Ramen
  • Joko – Banana Fritter, Chard, Coffee, Edamame, Yogurt, Fried Rice, Pineapples
  • Kira – Flower Bouquets, Osmium Bar, Orchid
  • Ling – Spring Frittata
  • Oliver – Ramen, Basil Pesto Pasta, Seafood, Ice Cream, Smoked Salmon
  • Paul – Chestnuts, Hummus
  • Randy – Apple, Lobster Wine, Coffee
  • Sam – Black Truffle, Blueberry, Jackfruit, Cactus, Fruit Juice/Tart
  • Sunny – Roasted Mushroom
  • Takeba – Bamboo Shoot
  • Valentina – Starfruit, Basil Pesto Pasta, Fish Taco, Hot Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie, Red and Green Curry
  • Walter – Carrot, Sweet Potato
  • Wataru – Black Phantom Ghost Fish, Mandarin, Pufferfish, Catfish, Rainbow Fish
  • Zoe – Cookies, Fruit Juice, Ice Cream

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