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Updated: January 4, 2024

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Strucid is the Roblox experience that lends a lot of visuals and game play mechanics from Fortnite Battle Royale, but uses its own game modes. In Strucid, you’ll be building and fighting, but you start with a range of weapons already on your person. In this shooter, skill really triumphs over luck.

In your journey in Strucid, you’ll be accumulating lots of kills with your weapons, which will level them up. If the game were to have codes, then they could help you with your masteries, or even give you unique cosmetics. But are codes in Strucid?

All Codes for Strucid

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes for Strucid. Strangely, the game used to have codes, but the developers have recently removed the feature from the game. So not only will old codes not work, you will not even be able to redeem them in-game. Due to the decision to pull codes from the game entirely, it is not likely that Strucid will receive codes any time soon.

How to level up weapons in Strucid

In Strucid, you can upgrade the rarity of your guns, increasing their damage and other stats. The only way to do this, however, is by getting killing shots on players. So if you really want to improve a weapon’s stats, you’ll have to go to town and eliminate players. Weapons may be able to be upgraded twice, but will require a dramatically larger amount of kills.

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What is Strucid?

Strucid is an interesting PvP free-for-all multiplayer game where players will start with an arsenal of weapons. Engaging in super-quick and easy matches, players will build walls and ramps and platforms to get a competitive edge over their opponents, whilst using their pick of their weaponry to take down their foes.

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