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Steam Game Charges Outrageous Sum for New Game

Has there been a more expensive game on Steam?
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Steam is a huge gaming platform that has dozens if not hundreds of games released on a weekly basis. From AAA titles to VR simulators and small casual indie games that people play to relax at the end of the day. Everybody has their own taste in games and players of triple-A games can expect higher prices (usually around $60) for new games while those playing casual games mostly expect to spend up to $20 for a new game.

However, a new game appeared recently on Steam that is described as a casual indie adventure with a price tag 30 times bigger than your average AAA title.

The Hidden and Unknown Costs More Than $2000

Screenshot via Gamer Journalist

The game called The Hidden and Unknown is listed at €1949 or $2117 at the time of the writing of this article. The description states that it is a story-based game that wishes to help the players better understand psychology and philosophy. Further description is a bit vague as it explains that the world is full of the hidden and unknown and that throughout its stories, we will have a chance to learn valuable lessons worth remembering.

The developers add that this game isn’t for you if you are getting offended easily and not acting rationally.

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What Happened Steam?

The first thing that pops into one’s mind is probably – this has to be a mistake, right? Some person typed in too many figures or placed a comma behind the wrong number. As we mentioned, casual indie games, and The Hidden and Unknown is categorized as such, usually go for up to 20$ so maybe the real price was 19.49 and a human hand or software made an error.

Perhaps somebody is trolling and just wanted to see if it’s possible to post such a big price tag without Steam red-flagging it. From the screenshots of the game, you can see simplistic graphics and basic dialogue boxes which don’t really leave us with a luxurious feeling.

Whatever the case may be, the enormous price tag reached the official listing and buyers can put it in their cart for more than $2000 right now. This makes us wonder if there are any limitations on Steam when it comes to price. Is Steam a virtual flea market where developers can put any price they wish and hope for the best or is there any regulation limiting them with how big the price tag can be?

To make things more interesting, currently, there is one positive review from a player with a confirmed purchase and playtime saying “Worth every penny.”

Are There any Other Games With A Huge Price Tag on Steam?

Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

The Hidden and Unknown is currently the most expensive thing you can buy on Steam. Among the top 10 most expensive items on Steam, there is only one other game. It’s called the Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience and is priced at €999 or somewhere around $1085.

Other items in the most expensive list are mainly game bundles that offer access to dozens of games at once or in-game commodities such as 20,000 PLEX for EVE Online. But even these in most cases don’t reach the $1000 mark.

Are we then reaching a new era of expensive and exclusive games not meant for a wider audience or is this a mistake by Steam? We hope we will find out soon enough.

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