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Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War Explained

It's a storm of ink from all sides!
Image via Nintendo

Since the very beginning of the Splatoon series, Turf Wars, especially those conducted during Splatfests, have been one-on-one affairs. This is why the idols that preside over the Tuf Wars are usually duos, to keep things even. In Splatoon 3, though, we’re not dealing with duos anymore, but a trio, and that means a third team! Here’s an explanation of Tricolor Turf Wars in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 Tricolor Turf War Explained

Tricolor Turf Wars are a special kind of game mode that is only available during Splatoon 3’s regular Splatfest events. Unlike in the previous games, our MC group for the event, Deep Cut, has three members, and each of them gets their own team to represent them in a Splatfest. During the first half of a Splatfest, Turf Wars will be the usual one-on-one battles, but once we’re halfway through and a leader has emerged, that’s when things get wild.

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Tricolor Turf Wars have representatives from all three Splatfest teams competing at once, with the lead team trying to maintain their dominance and the other two teams seeking to knock them off their perch. The lead team gets four players, who spawn near the center of a stage, while the other two teams both get two members, spawning at the usual opposite points of the stage. From there, it’s more or less the same as a regular Turf War: ink the floor, splat your foes, and whoever’s covered the most territory when time runs out wins.

Image via Nintendo

There is one extra wrinkle to be on the lookout for: the Ultra Signal. During Tricolor Turf Wars, an Ultra Signal will occasionally spawn in a random spot on the map. It kinda looks like one of those fizzy pump rockets you played with as a kid. When a player picks up the Ultra Signal, they’ll go into a brief animation to activate it, during which they’ll be defenseless to other players’ attacks. If they’re splatted, they’ll drop it for someone else to pick up.

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If a player can successfully launch the Ultra Signal, though, their team’s patron member of Deep Cut will receive their message and send them a present: the Sprinkler of Doom. The Sprinkler of Doom will land in a random spot on the stage, where it’ll begin wildly spraying ink in that team’s color for a short while. Controlling the Ultra Signal goes a long way toward maintaining your territory in a Tricolor Turf War.

Tricolor Turf Wars have the potential to completely shake up the balance of power in an established Splatfest hierarchy, so make sure to take them seriously!

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