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Sons of the Forest Slinky Man Meme Explained — Meet the Terrifying Mutant

It's a Cat! It's a Dog! It's a ... Genetic Aberration!
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As a child, I used to watch CatDog. In this absurd animated series, a cat and a dog are born to the same parents and are conjoined at birth. It’s funny because that could never happen in real life … right? I mean, surely the genetic aberration known as a CatDog could never survive for long and would in no time be embraced by the comforting arms of death … right?

Right! But in Sons of the Forest, on the other hand, it’s happened and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Sons of the Forest Slinky Man Meme Explained

In many players’ experience, it’d seem they’ve encountered a mutant known by many names — CatDog, John 2.0, Sausage Twins, to name a few — but for our purposes, we’ll call him “The Slinky.” This mutant is comprised of two humanoid creatures fused together by their torsos. In order to move, they flip around like a dilapidated pancake with two human-like torsos. It’s quite disgusting.

But, this nightmarish abomination has become a sort of meme among the Sons of the Forest community. Mostly because of the Sausage Twins’ raw speed and seeming ability to move through barriers. It looks as if much of the content surrounding this creature manifests as the player being distracted by a normal mutant or other such creature, only to be blindsided by Mr. Whippy when they least expect it. It’s not an invincible mutant, though players do exhibit a valid confusion on how to take it out. I mean, if I was just minding my own business and an eldritch being known only as Wormy Joe came cartwheeling at me like the world was ending, I, too, would be more than a little bit confused. And terrified.

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In Summary

In all seriousness, however, it’d seem this creature’s canon name is Wormy Joe, as given by developers. But, if we’re being completely honest, I have a penchant for Sausage Twins. If for no other reason than it is the most whimsical name for a cryptid. It’s like if the Mothman was named ‘Theodore’ for some reason. In any case, the world of Sons of the Forest has gotten a fair amount stranger. If you see Sausage Twins on your end, be sure to wish them well before you send them to an swift demise!

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