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Does Playing Solo Overwrite Your Multiplayer Game and Vice Versa in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Can your save game files get mixed up?
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Since Sons of the Forest is a long game (about 10-20 hours) and a pretty challenging one at the same time you would need to save your progress in case a cannibal jumps you unexpectedly and ruins your progress. Whether it’s with single-player or with multiplayer gameplay, you would need to be careful saving your progress so you don’t get into a situation where you have to start all over again.

We noticed that many players have been asking themselves whether single-player and multiplayer saves interact with each other and if they can replace or damage one another. In this article, we will delve into that question and tell you what you need to think about when saving progress in Sons of the Forest.

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Can Single-player Save Overwrite Your Multiplayer Save?

Saving progress in games we play almost always feels like a no-brainer and saving files from one character or one mode doesn’t interact with the other. It is the same case with Sons of the Forest, and there was no information that we could find about single-player save files interacting with multiplayer ones or vice versa.

However, there’s an issue when it comes to saving games in multiplayer. As one player noted on the Steam community if more players are in a co-op match and the host decides to leave, they can’t continue that same match on their own. The original host needs to host every time they want to play their team adventure.

It’s crucial to remember this before you start a multiplayer game of Sons of the Forest as you’ll most likely like to have a host that is often online and available to play. This issue might be resolved when dedicated servers arrive for Sons of the Forest and we covered that topic here.

We hope you found our article helpful. For more Sons of the Forest articles see: What is the Co-Op Limit in Sons of the Forest? Answered & Will Sons of the Forest Have Crossplay? Answered. Follow us on Facebook and get more trending news about the latest games.

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