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Shindo Life – How to Level Up Faster

The best ways to get stronger as a ninja are to train and get experience.
Image via RELL World/Roblox

I admittedly haven’t watched Naruto since I was a kid, but I do still remember a few things from the first few arcs. Namely, I remember that the best ways to get stronger as a ninja are to train, get experience, and on occasion, nearly get yourself killed. It’s a Shonen anime, they’re all like that, and since Shindo Life is pretty much Naruto for Roblox, it works the same as well.

Here’s how to level up faster in Shindo Life.

Shindo Life – How to Level Up Faster

The optimal method for leveling up in Shindo Life depends heavily on what level you are at. Besides changing the methods you have access to, higher levels mean more points in your stats, which can make power-leveling faster or slower depending on how you spec. To keep things concise, we’re gonna list off the ideal leveling methods for a few level thresholds, plus some stat tips to keep things smooth.

Below Level 50: Training Logs

We all gotta start somewhere, and in a ninja’s case, that starts with smacking logs. In most of the game’s major cities, you can find a gaggle of wooden Training Logs set up somewhere. Every time you give one of these logs a smack, you’ll get some experience. As you level up, you should allocate your points with a focus on Tai, as you’ll earn more experience from dealing more physical damage. Technically, you can do this forever, but once you hit level 50, it’s no longer the best method.

Image via RELL World/Roblox

Level 50-400: Green Scroll Quests

Once you hit level 50, you can start taking on Green Scroll Quests. You can accept these from any NPC with a green scroll icon over their head. All of these quests involve defeating a specific enemy marked in red on your map. Green Scroll Quests are located in a variety of in-game towns and cities, but the best place to look for them for leveling purposes is in the Leaf Village in Ember, since it has the shortest distance between the town’s boundaries and the areas where the marked enemies appear. You’ll get experience from just damaging the enemy, plus a lot more if you defeat them. As soon as you do defeat them, use the warp to quickly return to the village and grab another Green Scroll Quests. Don’t forget to balance your stat allocation going forward to ensure the enemies can’t kill you, at least before you kill them.

If you happen to have any friends playing the game at the same time as you, don’t forget to group up. You can have different players hang out at the edge of the village while one grabs the quests. As long as someone in your group defeats the marked enemy, everyone gets the experience, and at a multiplied rate at that.

Level 400: War Mode

Once you hit level 400, you can start participating in War Mode, Shindo Life’s wave survival mode. Eight players team up to take on five waves of enemy forces, culminating in a boss. The sheer number of enemies you face in this mode all but guarantees large payouts of experience, both from damaging them and defeating them, not to mention the payout you get if you survive the whole thing.

You can use these methods to power-level yourself up to the maximum level of 1000. After that, the game’s your oyster! Go become Hokage or something.

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