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Runeterra Expedition Rewards

Legends of Runeterra is the new free-to-play card game from Riot Games. There are a few different ways to get rewards in this game, including Expedition Draft Mode. In this mode, you will draft cards from a random set of cards to build a deck.

After you draft your deck you will compete against other people’s draft deck and try to rack up as many wins as possible. You will get rewards based on how many wins you can get with your deck.

Runeterra Expedition Rewards

Here are the current Runeterra Expedition Rewards:

0Champion Card100
1Champion Card + 150 Shards300
2Champion Card + 350 Shards500
3Champion Card + 600 Shards700
4Champion Card + 600 Shards + Bronze Chest900
5Champion Card + 600 Shards + Silver Chest1200
6Champion Card + 1000 Shards + Gold Chest1500
7Champion Capsule + 3500 Shards2000

The maximum number of wins you can get is 7, so this will net you the highest reward.

This mode is a great way to mess around with new combinations of units and discover some powerful combos and synergies. A good tip for this mode is to focus on getting the most value you can out of each of your cards. Ionia is currently a strong faction to draft due to Elusive units, handbuffs, and powerful epics.

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