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Roblox Stonks ID Code

Only the fanciest of art for your new picture frame.
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Image via Coeptus/Roblox

Much like the sandbox world of Garry’s Mod, Roblox allows players to create and upload endless amount of content. This could range from things like having certain music in the game, to allowing players to upload their own images as a decal. These decals can be used in Roblox experiences like Bloxburg to customize picture frames and more. Creators can post any image to the creator marketplace for people to use. This leads us into the topic image, the Stonks image. A cultural meme made as a reaction to the negative financial decisions of yourself or others. We are going to be finding out the Roblox Stonks ID code, as well as how to input it in a game.

Roblox Stonks ID Code

Roblox Stonks ID Code decorate
Image via Hello Entertainment/Roblox

Decals can be inputted into Roblox experiences by using the ID code attached to the image. There are a wide variety of Stonks images available on the marketplace, but for the sake of this article we’ve picked out one of the images. Here is the Roblox Stonks ID code:

  • Stonks code: 6715746903

What to do if this Roblox code isn’t working?

Over the course of time, Roblox decals may get updated, tweaked, or even removed altogether. Because of this, the ID code will be updated as codes expire. If you are trying to enter the code into the game and it doesn’t work, be sure you are copying the code directly and not misspelling any of the numbers.

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How to use a Roblox ID?

In order to use the Stonks Roblox ID code, you will first have to find a picture frame to put the decal into. Certain experiences allow players to put decals in the game, other do not. So make sure you are playing a game that allows custom decals. Once you find a frame and have the code ready follow these steps:

  1. Copy the ID code
  2. Find a picture frame and press ‘E’ to change the picture
  3. Enter the code at the bottom and hit ‘Add’
  4. The image will now appear in the picture frame!

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