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Roblox Pls Donate – How to get Donations

Get more donations.
Roblox Pls Donate Cover Image
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Roblox Pls Donate is one of the unique games on the platform. The title is self explanatory. You can raise or donate Robux by selling or buying clothes or gamepasses. If you are new to the concept of these games, it may sound unusual, but players donate and it works flawlessly well.

If you are looking to take part in the game, here’s everything you need to know about getting donations in Pls Donate.

Roblox Pls Donate – How to get Donations

Claiming a booth in Roblox Pls Donate
Image via Gamer Journalist

Getting donations in the game is not very difficult. Make sure you have Roblox clothing or gamespasses in your inventory. If you don’t have any clothes, you can buy it from the Avatar Shop on the platform. Some users also prefer creating their own clothing, which can be a lengthy process. However, if you wish to do so, here is a guide for creating clothes in Roblox.

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Once you are sure about what you want to sell, enter the game. You will notice a few empty stands among others which are asking for donations. Go near one of the unclaimed booths, press and hold the “E” key on your keyboard to claim the booth.

If you have items to sell, the game will let you chose the items and put them up for sale. You can assign prices and customize a message which will display on your booth. The game has different animations when a player donates huge amounts of Robux.

That covers everything you need to know about getting donations in the game.

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