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How to Get AJ Striker’s Crate in Cube Defense for Roblox Metaverse Champions

How to Get AJ Striker's Crate in Cube Defense

The Roblox Metaverse Champions event is underway, and depending on which Champion you want to represent, you’re going to have to hop into a few different games. One of the more popular choices seems to be AJ Striker. So, if you’re representing this battle-hardened cyborg-arm-wielding veteran, this one’s for you. Here’s how to get AJ Striker’s Crate in Cube Defense for Roblox Metaverse Champions.

How to Get AJ Striker’s Crate in Cube Defense

To get AJ Striker’s Crate for the Roblox Metaverse Champions event, you will need to defeat the Meta Knight boss in Cube Defense.

AJ Striker’s Cube Defense Metaverse Champions challenge is to first head to the Metaverse tunnel. From there, place the towers given to you and defeat all of the cubes to win the prize. It’s probably a good idea to get some friends for this one because it’s a challenging quest to solo.

Cube Defense is your run-of-the-mill defense game, but the enemies are all cubes. If you need help beating this, we recommend building a lot of railguns and machine guns. Make sure to use your money as you start bringing it in. Make sure to upgrade all your towers and spend your money wisely. 

The boss cube is solid, and he’s going to get through a lot of the path. Make sure you’re placing towers all the way through to the end. Try placing some heavy turrets near the back and upgrade them whenever possible. Your best bet is simply going to be upgrading the mortars to the maximum level.

You’ll eventually get to the level where you need to defeat the Meta Knight Boss. The boss has 30,000 HP, so you may need to sell your front towers and replace them in the back if the boss gets past them. The Meta Knight Boss will drop AJ Striker’s Crate, which is what you’re trying to collect. 

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