Revived Witch 'Phantom Mirror of Stars' Now Available

Revived Witch ‘Phantom Mirror of Stars’ Now Available

Revived Witch is back with another update, introducing the first post-launch event, two new ultra-rare dolls, and one SSR event-exclusive doll. Here’s a look at the Revived Witch ‘Phantom Mirror of Stars’ event details and patch notes for the November 23 update.

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Players can look forward to summoning Nannar and Metamorphoses from the rotating rate-up banner ‘Dreamland Summon.’ The limited-time Phantom Mirror of Stars event also begins today, allowing players to collect Stars and work their way up to purchasing Acheronte from the Redemption Shop. Maintenance compensation includes 300 Souls, 1 Stamina Flask, and 1 Stamina Potion. 

Remember to bookmark our Revived Witch codes page and Revived Witch tier list to stay up-to-date.

Revived Witch ‘Phantom Mirror of Stars’ Update Patch Notes (November 23)

New Event: Phantom Mirror of Stars

Clear normal mode non-boss stages to collect Stars. In Cumulative Rewards, you can claim Soul Cryolite, Event Avatar Frame, and other items based on the number of Stars collected. You can use Stars to redeem Acheronte soul stone in the Redemption Shop, pieces of a Themed Furniture Set (Starry Garden), Soul Cryolite, and other materials.

Clear Hard Mode non-boss stages to collect Red Stars. You can use Red Stars in the Redemption Shop (Hard Mode) to redeem the SSR Doll Acheronte, Acheronte Soul Stone, pieces of Themed Furniture Set (Starry Garden), Soul Cryolite, and other materials. 

The redemption shop opens after clearing S1-3. Drop rates for Stars and Red Stars increases while using the following Dolls to clear non-boss stages:

  • Nannar: 20%
  • Metamorphoses: 20%
  • Ella: 20%
  • Acheronte: 10%
  • Nocturna: 10%
  • Witch: 10%

Phantom Mirror of Stars details

  • Duration: November 23 to December 14 at 3:59 AM (UTC-7)
  • Stage Open Period: November 23 to December 7 at 3:59 AM (UTC-7)
  • Normal Mode Open: November 23 to December 7 at 3:59 AM (UTC-7)
  • Stage S1-4 – Stage S1-7 will be open on November 24 at 4:00 AM (UTC-7)
  • Boss Stage opens on November 25 at 4:00 AM (UTC-7)
  • Hard Mode Open: November 30 to December 7 at 4 AM (UTC-7)
  • Redemption Shop Open Period: November 23 to December 14 at 4:00 AM (UTC-7)


  • SSR Doll: Acheronte
  • Acheronte Soul Stone
  • Themed Furniture Set: Starry Garden
  • Soul Cryolite
  • Doll Ascension Materials
  • Skill Upgrade Materials
  • Mana
Revived Witch 'Phantom Mirror of Stars'

New Summon Pool: Dreamland Summon

  • Nannar (UR) rate up: November 23 through November 30
  • Metamorphoses (UR) rate UP: November 30 through December 7

New Costumes available in shop

  • Dream – Guardian of the Mirror – Nannar
  • Idyllic Vacation – Deathbringer – Nemesi
  • Available between November 23 and December 7

New Themed Furniture Set

  • New pieces of a themed furniture set, Starry Garden, are now available for purchase in the shop from November 23 to December 14. Other pieces of this furniture can be redeemed in the Redemption Shop.

Limited-time Game Packs

  • Star Pack and Starry Sky Pack will be available in Shop from November 23 to December 7.
  • Star Pack includes:
    • Soul Cryolite x5
    • Stamina Elixir x3
    • Average Skill pact x50
    • Silver x20
  • Starry Sky Pack includes:
    • Furniture Coin x9000
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