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Review: Hell of an Office Takes “The Floor Is Lava” to Another Level

A fun runner for when you need an office break.
A glowing red portal amongst office supplies and furniture.
Image via 43 Studios

Growing up, one of my all-time favorite games to play was always The Floor Is Lava. It’s a game that’s so simple in premise but so fun to play once you actually get it going. One thing that made it so much fun was the imaginary weight that it brought, with lava boiling just beneath the surface of the furniture that I and my friends or siblings would be standing atop.

But gaming has become a magical landscape that can actually make those dreams a reality. Sure, there’s already been a game that replicates the idea, Hot Lava, which pits players in a fantasy world to live out their Floor Is Lava childhood fantasies, but what would that childhood game mean to adults?

That’s the question that 43 Studios aimed to answer with its latest title, Hell of an Office. A game that blends the love of Floor Is Lava with that of the mundane life of an office worker. Having played it quite a bit, I can certainly say that Hell of an Office is an enjoyable speed-running title that quenches the thirst for standing on things with lava beneath them and doing so as quickly as possible.

Have You Ever Wanted to Play “The Floor Is Lava” in an Office?

When it comes to how Hell of an Office executes its gameplay, it’s just as one may actually expect. because it’s a speed-running game that takes a lot of its ideas from Floor Is Lava, you have a balance that’s held. The main idea of each of the game’s dozens of courses is to reach the end of them before the lava rises so high that you get drowned in it.

Of course, this sounds a lot easier to achieve than it actually is, as the game throws many obstacles and mechanics your way in order to make the gameplay as diverse as it can be. And it will really test your comfort with said mechanics and obstacles at every turn. Though Hell of an Office isn’t an impossible game to master, it’s definitely not an easy game to “get gud” at, by any means.

Though its gameplay and premise are pretty simple from an outside view of things, you really have to operate fast within each level if you want to have any chance of succeeding in the long run. It’s part of what makes the gameplay so addictive, being able to slip into that portal at the end of a course with the lava boiling just below your feet is quite an adrenaline rush.

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What Hell of an Office Does Right

The thing that I love about Hell of an Office is that its world really does feel as fully realized as it could be. Most obstacles are directly inspired by actual office supplies, giving you this sort of feeling that you’re a toy on someone’s desk. I also really like the use of a stapler being used as a gun of sorts. It’s practical in the sense of the world and also just feels really fun and clicky to use.

I also like how Hell of an Office feels like a great game to play during downtime at work. This truly is a game that you can just pick up and play on break or whenever you need your brain to reset. It’s also great at giving your brain something difficult to solve too, since the levels aren’t easy, by any means.

Why Hell of an Office Should Rot in…Hell

I’d say that Hell of an Office could’ve given players locations that looked a bit more appealing earlier on. Most of them, though the coloration changes, mostly look the same. Some of them also just looked a bit too barren most of the time, making the world seem even more grueling than being at an actual office.

It would’ve also been cool to be given more things to play around with. Even though the game is still only in Early Access, it would have been nice to see additional things to do in-game aside from beating high scores or unlocking stapler skins that don’t do anything but change a cosmetic feature.

All Platforms Hell of an Office Is On

Currently, Hell of an Office is only available on PC through Steam. Though it’s worth mentioning that it’s only in Early Access, so when a full release date finally is in sight, it could come to other gaming platforms for players to enjoy it on.

Multiplayer and Game Modes

When it comes to what is offered to players by Hell of an Office, at least in its early access infancy, the game is pretty straightforward. There’s a single speed-running mode for players to take part in. You get a bronze, silver, or coveted gold medal depending on how fast you can pass each level.

Aside from the standard speed-running of the campaign, there isn’t really anything else players can expect from Hell of an Office, at least for now. This also means that, aside from trying to beat other players’ times on the leaderboards, there’s no direct multiplayer link to be found.

Though it would definitely be a nice addition to be able to race friends or other random players to the finish. Since it’s an early access title, Hell of an Office does have some room for growth and hopefully more modes or multiplayer capabilities to make their way in a little bit more, down the line.

Well, now you know all of our thoughts on Hell of an Office and whether or not it’s a game that could be for you! If you liked this review, then be sure to check out some of our other great ones too, such as “Review: Is Goat Simulator 3 Worth Buying?” or “The Last Spell Review: A Cheeky Tactical RPG With Heart”. And to get more reviews, news, and guides, then be sure to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook as well for all of the latest in gaming!

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