Review: Cross Blitz is the Most Decked Out Deckbuilder You’ll Ever Play

Believe in the heart of the (Cross Blitz) cards!
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Cross Blitz, the latest creation from Tako Boy Studios LLC, is a breath of fresh air in the realm of RPG deckbuilders. This game seamlessly blends the strategic depth of deckbuilding with fast-paced tactical combat, offering players a truly unique and engaging experience.

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With an extensive array of cards boasting a variety of unique abilities and synergies, the game promises a captivating journey of exploration, leveling up, and crafting the ultimate deck. Cross Blitz isn’t just yet another RPG; it’s an immersive experience that seamlessly blends the excitement of deckbuilding with the strategic depth of RPG gameplay, promising countless hours of entertainment for enthusiasts of the genre and newcomers alike.

Biggest Takeaways

  • This game won’t take you very long to beat, maybe a couple of days if you’re dedicated.
  • This game is addicting. You can easily get lost in this game for hours without realizing how much time has flown by.
  • The battles in this game take a while to finish, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Whatever they’re paying their artists, it isn’t enough; this game’s little chibi aesthetics are so adorable.
  • The game’s narrative is simple and easy to follow.
  • The characters are nuanced yet predictable enough to feel realistic.
  • It’s not the biggest game, but what little it does have to offer is worth every penny.
  • Final Score: 8.5/10

A Refreshing Blend of Deckbuilding Mechanics

Battle in Cross Blitz
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

Cross Blitz’s core gameplay seamlessly intertwines elements from popular deckbuilders like Hearthstone and Inscription, resulting in a refreshing, engaging, and immersive experience. Players take control of a hero, each with their own distinct playstyles and story campaigns, as they navigate through a hex-grid overworld filled with challenges and complex characters.

Predictably, the game’s card battles are where the true strategic depth truly shines. Players carefully construct their decks, balancing minions, spells, traps, and powerful relics to outwit their opponents. The unique cross-lane system adds an extra layer of complexity to the mix, allowing players to strategically position their minions to gain an advantage.

Criminally Addicting Gameplay

Draw in Cross Blitz
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

Okay, confession time: there were many times during my playthrough of this game that I would glance at the clock and realize 3 or 4 hours had gone by without me realizing. If there’s any crime worth committing, it’s the theft of time by Cross Blitz’s irresistibly addictive gameplay.

From the very first draw of cards to the climactic battles that leave you on the edge of your seat, this RPG deckbuilder has mastered the art of ensnaring players in a web of entertainment that’s as compelling as it is thrilling. Cross Blitz doesn’t just invite you to play; it conspires to steal away your hours, one captivating moment at a time. So, brace yourself for a gaming experience that’s not just a pastime but an immersive felony against the clock!

An Engaging Yet Simple Narrative

Tutorial in Cross Blitz
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

In my humble (and totally not biased) opinion, Cross Blitz’s storytelling takes center stage over almost everything else, presenting players with a series of intriguing narratives to explore. Despite the engaging yarns that this game consistently and expertly spins for its players, its main narrative is still simple and easy to follow, making it the perfect choice for gamers of all ages.

In the beginning, players will be given the choice of 2 heroes: Redcroft, the pirate, and Violet, the famous pop star.

Choosing Redcroft will thrust players into a thrilling adventure on a quest to reclaim their lost freedom from the tyrannical Princess Eingana. Choosing Violet, however, will throw players into an equally thrilling quest to uncover a legendary artifact that holds the key to thwarting the evil schemes of their cunning doppelgänger!

An Adorably Pixelated Chibi Adventure

Main Characters in Cross Blitz
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Cross Blitz’s captivating pixel art style is an integral part of its charm, transporting players to a world of vibrant colors, surprisingly expressive characters, and delightfully detailed landscapes. The game’s art direction draws inspiration from classic 8-bit and 16-bit era games, evoking a sense of nostalgia while simultaneously showcasing the artistic talents of the development team.

The vibrant colors and meticulous pixel detailing bring the animated world and charming chibi characters to life, evoking a sense of whimsy and charm that resonates with players of all ages. Every card, character, and landscape is infused with Cross Blitz’s charming personality, creating an immersive experience that goes far beyond the basic mechanics of the game.

A Cast of Charming Characters

Coxswain Cross Blitz
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

Cross Blitz’s characters are far more than just pixels on a screen; they’re a parade of charm and adorableness that steal the spotlight away from all other aspects of the game. From the courageous heroes to the mischievous villains, each character is brought to life with a level of captivating cuteness that is downright criminal.

It adds charm, expression, and a sense of nostalgia to the game, making Cross Blitz a visually appealing and emotionally engaging deck-building adventure. The simplified designs and exaggerated proportions not only lend a charming and approachable quality to the characters but also ensure visual clarity and ease of use on the battlefield.

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Relatively Replayable

Cross Blitz Chapter Complete
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Cross Blitz is about as replayable as most narrative-driven deckbuilders, which is to say, it’s not very replayable at all. While Cross Blitz boasts an engaging RPG experience, it falls into the familiar pitfall of diminishing replayability after only the second or third playthrough. Of course, you can always choose the opposite main character on your second playthrough than you did on your first, but even that really only works once.

The game’s progression system just doesn’t introduce enough novel elements to keep players engaged over multiple playthroughs. While unlocking new cards and areas adds some variety, the overall gameplay experience remains relatively consistent.

It seems as though Cross Blitz’s developers anticipated this issue, however, which is why they created the “Tusk Tales” rogue-lite mode. This mode, according to the developers, offers “endless replayability,” where players go on an entirely new adventure through the world of Crossdawn. Players can discover and upgrade new mercenaries, trinkets, relics, and more as they battle against the increasingly difficult enemies in their path. This mode is like a combat-focused breath of fresh air for fans of the franchise!


Cross Blitz Melder
Screenshot by Gamer Journalist

Cross Blitz stands as a captivating deckbuilding adventure, immersing players in a world of enchanting pixel art, engaging narratives, and strategic gameplay. Its diverse cast of characters, unique cross-lane system, and accessible mechanics cater to both casual and hardcore deckbuilding enthusiasts alike.

Despite its somewhat limited replayability, Cross Blitz delivers an unforgettable deckbuilding experience that will undoubtedly captivate players seeking a charming and engaging card game adventure. If you get anything out of this Cross Blitz review, let it be that this game is worth every penny you spend on it!

Cross Blitz is well on its way to being one of the best deckbuilding games to come out of 2023, so don’t pass it up if you’re a fan of the genre!

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