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What are the Classes in Red Solstice 2?

What are the Classes in Red Solstice 2?

When assembling a platoon of super-soldiers, you can’t just pick a handful of buff dudes with assault rifles and expect to come out of the ensuing melee in one piece. You need a diverse squad of combatants, each with specialized skills, knowledge, and weaponry that allow you to take the greatest advantage of the battlefield and your enemies’ weaknesses. If you want to secure the future of humanity over the mutant menace, you gotta know every kind of soldier out there. So, what are the classes in Red Solstice 2?

What are the Classes in Red Solstice 2?

There are six classes in Red Solstice 2:

  • Assault
  • Medic
  • Heavy
  • Recon
  • Demolition
  • Marksman


I know I said you can’t have a whole squad of buff dudes with assault rifles, but you can still have one or two. The Assaults are your bread and butter infantry, able to dish out and take on pain in roughly equal measures. That said, their lack of true specialization makes them a bit inefficient at dealing with some of the more esoteric enemy types.


On any battlefield, someone’s going to get shot or slashed at some point, so make sure you’ve got a Medic handy. What Medics lack in offensive capability, they make up for in unparalleled support, providing heals and buffs to the whole team. Just don’t leave them unprotected or they’ll run out of band-aids to heal themselves with.


To quote a certain bobblehead, the best way to win an argument is to be the loudest. Heavies live and breathe firearms, packing the biggest, baddest, ammo-eating-est guns around, as well as support weaponry like small turrets. Don’t expect them to outrun any faster foes, though. All that gear is quite heavy.


One of the greatest weapons on the battlefield isn’t always guns, but information. A Recon unit can scout ahead from the party, granting an enhanced view of the battlefield. Recons are highly-circumstantial units; they can’t take a punch for beans, but they’re also the only ones that can call in powerful air strikes.


Nothing solves a problem like blowing it into bite-sized chunks. Demolition units are the natural predators of large, heavily armored foes. Their powerful explosives, while requiring a bit of wind-up and placement know-how, can blow off even the thickest sheet of armor, not to mention giant mutants right off their feet.


Why deal with a mutant up close when you can dispatch them from a football field away? Marksmen are precision assassins, dealing powerful, controlled damage from across the battlefield. Paired with a Recon, no target can escape their sight. Just make sure said target is willing to hold still long enough to get ventilated. 

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