What does HP Burn do in Raid: Shadow Legends?

With most basic RPG rulesets comes a variety of means to deal damage over time to your foes, or “DoT,” for the sake of brevity. The usual suspects include things like poison, curses, fire, bleeding wounds, acid burns, and so on. If brevity’s what you’re interested in, though, then Raid: Shadow Legends is more than willing to just cut to the chase with its own DoT category, HP Burn. So, what does HP Burn do in Raid: Shadow Legends?

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HP Burn, as the name no doubt implies, burns away the afflicted’s health. The official description of the debuff reads as such:

“While the debuff is active and at the start of the affected Champion’s turn, they and all their allies take damage equal to 3% of their respective MAX HP. There can be only one [HP Burn] debuff active of a Champion at a time. However, if multiple Champions on the Team are debuffed with [HP Burn], all of these debuffs work as normal and apply their full damage.”

What does HP Burn do in Raid: Shadow Legends?

In layman’s terms, any Champion afflicted HP Burn loses a percentage of their health at the start of their turn. Unlike the likes of Poison, HP Burn deals a higher damage percentage, and can’t be hampered by blocking. It’s also an AOE effect, so you only have to plug one Champion with it to get their whole team.

The downside to HP Burn is that it doesn’t stack. You can only apply it once per Champion, and since it affects the whole team, applying it on more than one Champion won’t do anything for you. That said, even without the stack, it’s a good chunk of damage, especially on enemies with more health. Technically, there’s a hard cap on the amount of damage a single instance of HP Burn can do per turn, but if you’re meeting that cap every turn, I’d hardly call that a problem.

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