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Best Assassin Build in Ragnarok Origin

Swift, quiet, and versatile.

Ragnarok Origin is a mobile game where you can choose from a variety of different classes. There’s a class for just about any type of play style. As you’re playing the game and level up you will be able to choose the path of being an assassin. In this guide, we will show you what it will take for you to become the ultimate assassin. We’re going to teach you the best assassin build in Ragnarok Origin and how to utilize this class so you can kill enemies effortlessly in Midgard.

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What is the Best Assassin Build in Ragnarok Origin?

If you’re interested in using a player that focuses on stealth as they’re trying to take down enemies then the Assassin is perfect for you. We enjoy playing games such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise so anytime an assassin class is offered we’re taking it. The assassin in Ragnarok Origin focuses on intellect and stealth. Before you can become an assassin you need to take the thief role and get promoted to assassin.

After you have reached level 40 you’ll be able to become an assassin by changing your job class. This is located at Morocc inside the Sandstorm fortress. Once you’ve become an assassin you should immediately start building up your agility until it’s maxed out. Remember, assassins are swift and undetectable. You should also try building up your strength and intellect. For a detailed look at what skills you should invest in check this list out:

  • Back Slide (level 1)
  • Double Attack (level 10)
  • Dual Wield Mastery (level 10)
  • Enchant Poison (level 10)
  • Envenom (level 5)
  • Hiding (level 9)
  • Increase Dodge (level 10)
  • Red Cut (level 10)
  • Shield Dodge (level 5)
  • Venom Dust (level 10)

What are The Best Weapons for an Assassin in Ragnarok Origin?

Every great assassin is known for their swiftness and their cunning weapon that isn’t detectable by enemies. You need to be quiet when you’re tip-toeing around. The best weapon for an assassin in Ragnarok Origin would have to be their daggers such as the Katar because it can deal tons of damage. If you want to find the Katar, you’ll need to finish the quest in Payon Forest, known as Jur. You’ll also want to pair your weapon with great armor that focuses on increasing power and critical strikes. You should look into Thief Clothes and Boots to increase your movements.

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