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Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid Rita Repulsa Moveset

Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid Rita Repulsa Moveset

Here’s a fun fact: if you go back and watch the first season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, you may notice that Rita Repulsa’s dialogue doesn’t match up with her mouth movements. This is because they were just using the stock footage of her Super Sentai counterpart, the witch Bandora, not unlike how they used the stock footage of the Ranger fights. In the second season, they got a new actress to portray her for English-speaking scenes. Rita’s gone through a bunch of character permutations, but her mighty magic and caustic attitude have never faltered. Here’s Rita Repulsa’s moveset in Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid.

Rita is a classic zoning character, setting herself apart from the likes of Goldar and Lord Zedd by applying pressure from a distance rather than up close. Rita can deploy a variety of wide, far reaching projectiles to attack her opponent from just about anywhere on the stage, and in the event they close the gap, she’s got knockback options to pick up some breathing room. 

Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid Rita Repulsa Moveset

Rita’s moveset includes the following named techniques. Note that all inputs assume she’s facing left.

Pinwheel Chaos (S)

Rita throws out a small projectile in front of her that slowly moves back toward her. A solo input throws mid-range, a right input throws it further, a left input throws it closer, and an up input shoots it up at a slight angle.

Putty Punch (Right + S)

Rita calls up a Putty Patroller in front of her to deliver a strong punch that briefly knocks opponents airborne.

Putty Projectile (Right + Hold S)

Rita launches a Putty Patroller in front of her in a flying corkscrew, hitting opponents multiple times and knocking them back.

Chaos Spark (Left + S)

Rita creates a cloud of electricity directly in front of her while retreating backwards.

Royal Candle (S during Chaos Spark)

Rita follows up Chaos Spark with a pillar of electricity in front of her that reaches the top of the stage. A solo input creates a pillar at mid-range, a left input brings it closer, and a right input sends it further. Rita also uses this move as her Assist, automatically targeting the opponent with it.

Wicked Circuit (S while airborne)

Rita dives down at opponents at an angle, stopping and dropping where she is after collision. 

Queen’s Ambit (Up, Up-Left, or Up-Right while airborne)

Immediately after her initial jump, Rita can billow her dress to get a few extra moments of hangtime in the air. You can open and close her dress multiple times before touching the ground.

Repulsa Blast (L + S, EX Special)

Rita dodges backwards and lights up the floor of the stage with magical blasts. Any unguarded opponents on the ground will be hit and knocked high into the air.

Finster’s Finest (H + S, Super)

Rita calls up a portal directly under the opponent’s feat, hitting if they’re currently touching the ground. If it connects, Putties will drag them under and begin pummeling them, while Rita and a couple of other Putties engage in an impromptu dance party, before the opponent is ejected upwards in a Royal Candle.

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