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How to Get Glaceon in Pokémon GO

Catch yourself the Fresh Snow Pokémon
How to Get Glaceon in Pokémon GO

I had a conversation recently about Eevee evolutions. One of my friends said they thought Glaceon was dumb because it just looks like a cat thing in a hoodie. Fair point, but counterpoint: cats in hoodies are adorable, and my friend is objectively wrong. Glaceon is cute as the dickens, and is a pretty decent Ice type besides. If you’d like to prove my friend wrong, then here’s how to get Glaceon in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Glaceon in Pokémon GO

Currently, there are two consistent ways to obtain a Glaceon: evolving an Eevee, or defeating one in a raid. If you choose to evolve an Eevee, then you have two methods you can utilize: the naming method, and the lure method.

  • Naming method: Simply nickname your Eevee “Rea,” and evolve it like normal, and it’ll become a Glaceon. Remember that this trick only works once.
  • Lure method: Evolve your Eevee while in the proximity of an active Glacial Lure, and it’ll become a Glaceon.

If you’d like to skip the evolutionary process, you’ll need to defeat Glaceon in a raid. Luckily, as it happens, Glaceon is currently heading up three-star raids at time of writing, and in an adorable winter cape at that, so just beat one and you’ll get a chance to catch it.

Glaceon Counters and Weaknesses in Pokémon GO

Glaceon is a pure Ice type, which means its resistances break down as such:

  • Weak against: Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fire
  • Resistant to: Ice

Meanwhile, these are the moves Glaceon has in its kit:

Quick Moves

  • Ice Shard (Ice)
  • Frost Breath (Ice)

Main Moves

  • Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Icy Wind (Ice)
  • Avalanche (Ice)

Glaceon is what we call a “specialist,” because against a Pokémon that’s weak against Ice types, it’s an absolute monster. Against everyone else, eh, not so much. Pretty much any Pokémon that can exploit one of its four weaknesses and is not itself weak to Ice attacks can make short work of a wild Glaceon.

For counters, I’d suggest something along the lines of Metagross, Lucario, or Chandelure. All three are resistant to Ice attacks, and can double up on Steel, Fighting, and Fire moves, respectively. Any one of these Pokémon, with their impressive DPS, will knock out Glaceon fairly swiftly, giving you the chance to catch it and bask in its cuteness.

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