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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake Differences

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake Differences

Out of every Pokémon generation, Gen IV, Diamond and Pearl, still remain one of the most successful Pokémon generations to date. They outsold both Gen III and Gen V, and are often considered the golden age of Pokémon, striking a good balance between gameplay and quality of life. It’s for this reason that people have been asking for Gen IV remakes pretty much ever since the Gen III remakes came out. Now that we finally have them in the form of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, we need to go through them with a fine-toothed comb to see how much of the magic was preserved. Here are the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake differences.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remake Differences

In a nutshell, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl feature the following changes compared to the original Gen IV games:

  • Graphical overhaul
  • Trainer customization
  • Buddy System
  • Removal of HMs
  • Overhauled Underground
  • Easier Legendary encounters

Graphical overhaul

The first and most obvious change is the graphics. Pokémon games didn’t start using 3D models until Gen VI, so the first thing they needed to do to update Diamond and Pearl was bring the world into the third dimension. The world graphics have been completely redone, and the character models switch between small, chibi forms on the overworld and full, proper trainer models in battle. Speaking of, in battle, you can see trainers issuing orders in the background, and the idle and attack animations for all Pokémon have been rebuilt from the models used in other 3D Pokémon games. You can even see Pokémon wandering around the tall grass, not unlike in the Let’s Go! games. 

Trainer Customization

Trainer customization has been brought over from the modern Pokémon games, allowing you to customize aspects of your trainer’s appearance. These changes range from obvious things like clothing and hats to more subtle changes like hair color and makeup. 

Buddy System

Another carryover from both the modern mainline games and Pokémon GO is the Buddy system, wherein you can assign a Pokémon to follow behind your trainer in the world. In addition to the fun novelty of walking around with your favorite Pokémon, this also makes them like you more, which will be helpful for Pokémon that need high friendship to evolve.

Removal of HMs

On the technical side of things, Hidden Machines, or HMs, have been removed from the game entirely. HMs contained moves that provided overworld abilities, such as Surf, Fly, and Cut. Originally, you needed to teach these moves to your Pokémon in order to use them. Instead, HMs are now freely-usable abilities granted by Gym Leaders. You don’t have to teach them to your Pokémon, you can just use them yourself from a drop-down list, conjuring a random wild Pokémon to help you out. No more HM Slave Bibarel.

Overhauled Underground

In the original Diamond and Pearl, the Underground was a sort of secondary game mode where you could explore a massive underground maze to dig up fossils and gems, as well as construct your very own Secret Base to show to your friends. The Underground returns in a rebuilt state now known as the Grand Underground. You can still do all the mining and construction that was in the original Underground, but now you can also encounter and catch rare Pokémon in special underground biomes. Additionally, placing certain objects around your Secret Base will increase the rate at which particular Pokémon spawn. For example, placing a statue of Lucario will make Lucarios appear more frequently in the Underground.

Easier Legendary Encounters

Finally, encountering non-Sinnoh Legendary Pokémon has been made a little easier. After you beat the main story and are entered into the Hall of Fame, you’ll unlock a special area called Ramanas Park, which is home to statues of Legendary Pokémon from other regions. You can swap Mysterious Fragments from the Underground with a trader at the park to get special slates, which can then be used to call up those Legendary Pokémon for an encounter. Just a heads up, though, certain Legendaries are exclusive to either Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl. Check out our guide on Legendaries for more information.

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