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How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

In the original Pikmin games, Captain Olimar would employ the flowery creatures as a sort of personal task force, sending them out to fight for him, retrieve things for him, or carry things for him, among other miscellaneous tasks. Pikmin aren’t individually strong, but they are loyal and resourceful, which makes them surprisingly good at finding stuff for you. If you’d like to give your Pikmin something productive to do in Pikmin Bloom, try sending them off on an Expedition. Here’s how to send Pikmin on an Expedition in Pikmin Bloom.

Normally, when you walk around the world in Pikmin Bloom, your Pikmin will retrieve helpful stuff like snacks and seedlings as they walk beside you. However, we don’t all have the time to walk around town all day, so if you can’t go yourself, you can send your Pikmin to scavenge for goodies on your behalf with an Expedition. 

How to Send Pikmin on Expedition in Pikmin Bloom

To begin an Expedition in Pikmin Bloom:

  1. Bring up the main menu, followed by the slider menu. Scroll the slider menu until you see “Expeditions.”
  2. Select an Expedition you want to send your Pikmin on, followed by the particular Pikmin you want to send. Sending more will speed it up, though every Expedition has a cap.
  3. Approve the Expedition, and the Pikmin will depart, returning to you once the timer runs out.

Expeditions are simple to set up. Just open up your main menu and tap the little steps button to bring up the slider menu. On the slider menu, tap “Expeditions” to bring up the Expedition menu. You’ll get a list of all Expeditions in your area, identified by whatever your Pikmin would bring back when you send them to it. 

Once you select your Expedition, you can then select the Pikmin you want to take care of it. You can send more than one, and the more you send, the faster the Expedition will go, though there is a hard limit on the number you can send at once. You also can’t send any tired Pikmin on Expeditions.

When everything is set, approve the Expedition and the Pikmin will be on their way. You can monitor their progress on the timer, but you can also do other things in the app or just close it altogether. They’ll be back in real time, prizes in hand.

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