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Omega Strikers: Best Builds for X – Strategies, Tricks, and Tips

He's like the 90s personified.
omega strikers x dubu
Image via Odyssey Interactive

One of the most 90s-style things I can think of is having a single letter for a name, and especially the letter “X.” Characters named X are too cool for names, just like they’re too cool for your rules and too cool for your schools. Omega Strikers’ X is one of those classic 90s dudes. Here’s a guide to using X in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: Best Builds for X – Strategies, Tricks, and Tips

X, also known as The Eccentric Brawler, is an old-school power Forward and doesn’t care who knows it. His kit is all about getting right in your opponents’ faces and knocking them out of the way before pummeling the core right into the opposing goal.

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X’s kit features the following abilities:

  • Primary: Bell Ringer: Swing your arms in a circular pattern. Deals more damage the closer an opponent is to the edge of the field.
  • Secondary: Bull Rush: After a brief windup, dash forward in a straight line, damaging and knocking back opponents in your way.
  • Special: X Maximus!: Receive a 4 second buff that increases your size and turns your strike into a mid-damage attack that can be used on opponents.

X Marks the Spot

omega strikers x gameplay
Image via Odyssey Interactive

What X lacks in range and flexibility, he makes up for with raw strength. The way to play as X is to knock your opponents around and drain their Stagger, as well as knock them out of the field whenever possible. X really shines at the far end of an offense when he can start picking on the opposing Goalie. If you can corral the goalie to one side of the goal, that leaves it wide open for your teammates to take the shot. Don’t try to play X as a Goalie, though, as his kit isn’t flexible enough to cover the goal’s entire range.

For X’s ideal Forward build, you want the following Trainings:

  • Heavy Handed: Deal 8% more damage to opponent Stagger, upped to 16% for heavier hits.
  • Tempo Swing: Attacks deal bonus damage based on a percentage of your Stagger, healing it back as well.
  • Crossover: Core strikes give you 35% Haste for 1.5 seconds.

X is a great character for players who want to rush right into the fray and ruin their opponents’ days. That’s a 90s dude for you, giving everyone the attitude.

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