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Omega Strikers: Best Builds for Dubu – Strategies, Tricks, and Tips

That's a whole lotta floof.
Image via Odyssey Interactive

I’m not sure if Omega Strikers’ Dubu is supposed to be a hamster or a gerbil or… something else entirely, but he is downright adorable. There’s a very particular gap appeal to a large, fluffy critter encased in plate mail and boxing gloves, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s a top-shelf Goalie either. Here’s a guide to using Dubu in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: Best Builds for Dubu – Strategies, Tricks, and Tips

Dubu, also known as the Endearing Defender, is a classic defensive player. His one, true place is in front of the goal, halting the core and deflecting attacks from opponents. When used right, Dubu can be the proverbial wall between your team and defeat.

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Dubu’s kit includes the following abilities:

  • Primary: Bamboozle: Create a bamboo log that stops projectile attacks, then kick it forward. The log will gradually slow as it rolls, stopping and breaking when it hits an opponent.
  • Secondary: Somerassault: Dash in any direction, then create an AoE impact upon hitting an enemy or going far enough that stuns and damages.
  • Special: Tofu Fortress: Launch several tremor projectiles in an arc. When they reach their max range or hit an opponent, they create terrain and deal medium damage.

Shaped Like a Friend

omega strikers x dubu
Image via Odyssey Interactive

Dubu’s specialty is as a Goalie, and only a Goalie. Dubu does not belong out on the field, as he’s neither fast nor versatile enough to chase after the core for long distances. Dubu is truly in his element in front of the goal, where he can use Bamboozle to set up defensive walls, stop the core’s movement with Somerassault, and make it harder for opponents to maneuver with Tofu Fortress. Basically, the closer you get to Dubu’s territory (i.e. the goal), the harder time you’re going to have getting out.

For Dubu’s ideal Goalie build, use these Trainings:

  • Creator of Larger Things: Any objects you create are 50% larger and deal 5% more damage.
  • Built Differently: Gain 35% extra stagger and hit 5% harder.
  • Rapid Fire: Reduces primary ability cooldown by 12%.

Dubu is the quintessential defensive character. His large body and wide reach make him perfectly suited to protecting the goal. Even if he wasn’t, how could anyone, in good conscience, attack this good boy?

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