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Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: How to Unlock Four Star Weapons

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Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds has plenty of missions to partake in, fun bosses to fight, and familiars to collect. In order to progress through those missions you’re going to want to collect the best-of-the-best weapon. Those weapons are classified as four star weapons that are part of each elemental class: Earth, Fire, Water, Darkness, & Light. In order to have the best stats in the game and easily win duels, as well as world bosses, you’re going to need to collect these weapons. Here’s how you can unlock four star weapons on Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.

Crafting Four Star Weapons

One of the most common ways to get weapons on Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is through the crafting system. In order to craft weapons you will need to visit the crafting shop which is located in Evermore. The crafter goes by the name of Tumba; He’s the guy you need to see in order to craft weapons and accessories. In order to craft weapons you need armor recipes, crystals, and purified essence. These can easily be acquired from killing monsters, completing Swift Solutions quests, and checking in with the kingdom.

Another helpful tip when trying to locate how to acquire certain materials is by clicking on “source” after you’ve clicked material item picture for more information. This will pop up a list of locations where you can get the materials. The crafting method is the easiest to get a four star weapon, however, you need to have luck on your side.

Summoner Shop for Four Star Weapons

As with every gacha game you need to get lucky when searching for the best weapon. Gacha summons will allow you to use coupons you can redeem for a chance to get a four star drop. Thankfully, getting these coupons is easy and you just need to complete daily quests or other events.

Upgrading Weapons to Four Star

Upgrading weapons should be the first thing you do. After you’ve crafted your weapons you have tons of level one weapons that can be used to power up some of your stronger ones. Once you get either your level two or level three weapon to level 30 you can upgrade them to gain a star. Before you upgrade make sure you have a weapon upgrade stone.

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