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Where to find Steel in New World

Where to find Steel in New World

Steel is a Tier 3 Refined Resource in New World, and you will need it to craft various items and tools like Steel gathering tools, armor, and weapons. You may also need Steel to complete various Town Project Board missions around Aeternum. This guide will explain how to get Steel in New World and everything you’ll need to craft it.

Where to find Steel in New World

Steel is a craftable material in New World, only obtainable from smelting the following items:

  • Iron Ingot x3
  • Flux
  • Charcoal X2
Where to find Steel in New World

To create Steel in New World, take the ingredients listed above to a Tier 3 Smelter in any settlement and craft it. Look for the furnace icon on the map to locate the Smelter, in case you’re having trouble finding it.

There is no way to find Steel nodes on their own out in the world. The only mineable resources in New World are Stone, Iron, Silver, Oil, Gold, Starmetal, Lodestone, Platinum, and Orichalcum ore. The rest of the metals are refined through the combination of other refined metals and raw resources.

Aside from Iron Ingots, you will also need some Charcoal to make Steel. Charcoal is an ingredient made at the Smelter by using two pieces of Green Wood. You can obtain Green Wood simply by chopping down Young Trees or looting bushes. The final ingredient you’ll need is Flux.

Where to find Flux in New World

One of the ingredients you will need to make Steel is Flux, which most commonly comes in the form of Sand Flux. You can find Sand Flux from looting chests in any area, and chances are you already have a stash of Sand Flux if you have been completing faction missions and side missions.

Now you know how to create or find Steel in New World, so you can get to crafting those Steel tools at the Workshop. For more guides, builds, and related content, you can check out our website’s New World section!

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