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New World Quintessence Guide

New World Quintessence Locations and Guide

Learn where to find all types of Quintessence in New World, including Air, Death, Earth, Fire, Life, Soul, and Water Quintessence.
This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

In New World, Quintessence is a Tier V resource that can be used in Alchemy. You can use it in Arcana and Stonecutting recipes, and if you are a gem cutter, you’ll need to stock up on these to cut Pristine gems. Luckily, it’s not too hard to obtain them if you know where to look. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Quintessence (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Soul, Life, and Death) in New World so you can craft powerful items.

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There are seven types of Quintessence in New World:

  1. Earth Quintessence
  2. Life Quintessence
  3. Soul Quintessence
  4. Water Quintessence
  5. Air Quintessence
  6. Death Quintessence
  7. Fire Quintessence

How to get Quintessence in New World

There are two ways to get each type of Quintessence in New World. You can use an Elemental Infusion recipe to make them at an Arcane Repository, or you can find them in the world. To make each Quintessence, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Earth Quintessence – 3 Earth Essence
  • Life Quintessence – 3 Life Essence
  • Soul Quintessence – 3 Soul Essence
  • Water Quintessence – 3 Water Essence
  • Air Quintessence – 3 Air Essence
  • Death Quintessence – 3 Death Essence
  • Fire Quintessence – 3 Fire Essence

You will need to be at a Tier 5 Arcane Repository and have an Arcana skill level of 125. If your Alchemy skills are lacking, you can also find these items from various creatures and locations in New World.

Where to find Earth Quintessence in New World

Earth Quintessence comes from Lambent Ursus in the Reekwater territory. You can find these elite bear mobs in the Lambent Muskeg region of Reekwater. Be careful, these guys hurt. You will also need to make sure you are at least mining level 100. This is also a great way to get Fae Iron.

If you are lower level, you can also get Earth Quintessence from Hortus Bears in Weaver’s Fen. These are level 30 silver elite mobs in southwestern Weaver’s Fen, and they also drop Lodestone. Like the other bears in Reekwater, you will need level 100 mining to harvest them.

Where to find Life Quintessence in New World

Life Quintessence comes from Bronzegrove Terrawolf in Brightwood. You will need to make sure you have at least 100 Logging skills to be able to harvest the wolves. There’s a chance to obtain anywhere from 0-4 Life Quintessence, as well as some Wyrdwood, per kill. As an added bonus, there’s a boss known as Meldue in the area who drops a level 40 Legendary sword!

Where to find Soul Quintessence in New World

Soul Quintessence comes from Glimmerfen Stag in Reekwater. If you follow these deer around slowly, they will deposit glowing blue orbs onto the ground. You only have a brief moment to loot the pile of Elemental Essence, and you can obtain up to three Soul Quintessence per pile.

Where to find Water Quintessence in New World

Water Quintessence comes from Tundramouth Burrow in Great Cleave. You can kill the Old Blue Eyes mob and mine its body for a chance at 1-2 Quintessence per kill. It takes approximately six minutes to respawn, so it will take you a while to farm this properly. 

There is also another cave in northwest Great Cleave with a single wolf spawn. You can kill and harvest the wolf for a Water Quintessence, and also occasionally find a single Starmetal Node there, as well.

Where to find Water Quintessence in New World - Northwest Great Cleave

Where to find Air Quintessence in New World

The location of Air Quintessence in the world is currently unknown. You can still craft Air Quintessence using 3 Air Essences. Each Air Essence requires 4 Air Wisps, and each Air Wisp requires 5 Air Motes. You can obtain Air Motes from Shockbulb and Shockspire, and also find them in Alchemy Crates in zone levels 0-18.

Where to find Death Quintessence in New World

The location of Death Quintessence in the world is currently unknown. You can still craft Death Quintessence using 3 Death Essences. Each Death Essence requires 4 Death Wisps, and each Death Wisp requires 5 Death Motes. You can obtain Death Motes from Blightroot, Blightcrag, and Blightmoth, and also find them in Alchemy Crates in zone levels 0-18.

Where to find Fire Quintessence in New World

The location is Fire Quintessence in the world is currently unknown. You can still craft Fire Quintessence using 3 Fire Essences. Each Fire Essence requires 4 Fire Wisps, and each Fire Wisp requires 5 Fire Motes. You can obtain Fire Motes from Dragonglory, Scorchstone, and Salamander Snail, as well as Alchemy Crates and Stockpiles in zone levels 0-18.

It goes without saying that you could also freely purchase all of these Quintessences on the Trading Post for reasonably cheap.

That concludes our guide on where to find all types of Quintessence in New World. For more related content, guides, and more, check out our website’s New World section.

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