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How to Make Dye in New World

Learn how to make dye and apply it to your armor in New World with this easy to follow guide.
How to Make Dye in New World

The first Joe Schmoe to discover color theory back in the ancient times must’ve been quite the forward thinker. If I grinded up a bunch of colorful plants and smeared them on my clothes, I’d probably just have to do a load of laundry. But when you want to look unique and snappy in the age of leather armor, you gotta get your colors wherever you can. On that note, here’s how to make dye in New World.

While you can obtain pre-made dye from Trading Posts or the in-game store, that’s rarely the most economical decision. The better option is to make your own dyes out of the various pigments you can harvest from around the game world. There are 12 different primary color pigments that can be harvested from the brightly-colored Prismablooms, as well as certain kinds of fungus. Some quests will also reward you with raw pigments. When you obtain a pigment, you need to use your Cooking skill from your inventory to process it into a usable dye. 

How to Make Dye in New World

To make dye in New World:

  1. Harvest pigments from Prismablooms and fungus
  2. Combine and process the pigments into dyes at a Kitchen or Cooking Station
  3. Use dyes from your inventory to color armor and furniture

While there are only 12 primary pigment colors, you can combine more than one of them at a time while you’re cooking them, so you can create a veritable rainbow of potential dyes. Once you’ve got dye, you can freely apply it to your armor to change its color. You can also use dye to change the color of certain pieces of furniture, and in fact, some furniture actually includes dye as part of their construction, so it never hurts to have a few pouches of the stuff handy.

Where to find pigments in New World

Pigments come from various types of Prismabloom and fungus found throughout New World. Here are the twelve types of pigments and the fungus you can find them in:

  • Black Pigment – Black Prismabloom
  • Blue Pigment – Blue Prismabloom, Tanglewisp, Toadpot
  • Brown Pigment – Brown Prismabloom, Bumbleblossom, Slimy Twistcap
  • Cyan Pigment – Cyan Prismabloom
  • Green Pigment – Green Prismabloom, Fronded Petalcap, Spinecap
  • Magenta Pigment – Magenta Prismabloom, Tendrilspine
  • Orange Pigment – Orange Prismabloom, Warm Platecap
  • Purple Pigment – Purple Prismabloom, Weeping Shellbed
  • Red Pigment – Red Prismabloom, Corrupted Bloodspore
  • Turquoise Pigment – Turquoise Prismabloom
  • White Pigment – White Prismabloom, Cascaded Gillflower
  • Yellow Pigment – Yellow Prismabloom, Suncreeper

You can visit the interactive New World map and search for Prismabloom to find where specific colors are located on the map. Unfortunately, there is no best area for farming these, as they are evenly spread out throughout all of Aeternum in different zones.

Crafting dyes at the Kitchen or Cooking Station

Dye is made at a Kitchen or Cooking Station in New World, and crafting it will reward you with Cooking XP. Each dye requires 3 Water and a combination of two different pigments. You can craft basic colors at a Tier 2 Kitchen, but the higher-tier unique dyes will require a high cooking skill level and up to a Tier 4 Kitchen.

New World - How to Craft Dye

How to apply dye in New World

After crafting or obtaining some dye through other means, you can finally apply it to your armor. Find the dye in your inventory, click on it to open the menu, and select the dye option. Doing this opens up the Dye Equipped Armor screen, allowing you to apply the dye on select armor pieces. 

How to Apply Dye in New World

You can select different primary, secondary, accent, and tint colors for your equipment. That leaves a lot of room for customization and unique appearance options for characters.

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