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New World Furnishing Leveling Guide (0-200)

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

Furnishing is one of seven crafting skills in New World and perhaps one of the most important for the endgame. Not only will Furnishing allow you to get more storage space, but it will also allow you to craft trophies that grant permanent buffs for homeowners. The road to 200 is a long one, though, so we have a few tips to help you get started. In this guide, we’ll show you the quickest and easiest way to level Furnishing in New World.

New World Furnishing Leveling Guide

Furnishing is leveled at the Workshop, alongside Engineering, in New World by crafting various items to decorate your house. As you level up, you will unlock new recipes, and you can also find schematics out in the world for new items. Schematics are where you’ll get most of the recipes above level 100.

New World Furnishing Level 0-75

There are two good options to go from Furnishing level 0-75 in New World: Round Sunny Rug and the Wicker Basket. The most efficient options will depend on your server’s economy or the items you have in storage. Regardless of which option you pick, you’ll need a total of 77,375 XP to get to Furnishing level 75.

Round Sunny Rug recipe:

  • Linen x15
  • Crossweave x5
  • Fibers x5
  • +150 Furnishing

Wicker Basket recipe:

  • Reeds x35
  • Fibers x25
  • Weak Solvent x1
  • +61 Furnishing

After making these recipes, you will be salvaging all of the items, which will refund you a fraction of the ingredients. Use a few to decorate your house as you wish, and then salvage the remainders. Pick the recipe that has the cheaper ingredients available at the Trading Post, because chances are you won’t want to manually farm all of these ingredients.

New World Furnishing Level 75+

To get from Furnishing level 75 and higher in New World, we’ll be using the Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed recipe. Compared to all the other Furnishing recipes in New World, this one requires Iron instead of Steel, making it a better value. The bad thing is that you must find or purchase this schematic, which is called Schematic: Maple Bed 01 on the Trading Post. By now, a lot of players realize the value of this schematic but keep your eye out for a good deal.

Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed recipe:

  • Lumber x35
  • Iron Ingot x10
  • Maple Stain x2
  • +1128 Furnishing
  • Workshop Tier 3
  • Furnishing Lv. 56
New World Furnishing Leveling Guide - Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed

The Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed recipe may be currently bugged, considering the crafting cost. So, if you are reading this and the ingredients are different, there’s a good chance Amazon Games corrected the mistake.

Best items to make for your house in New World

While most Furnishing items are purely decorative, two categories of items provide some useful buffs: trophies and storage chests. 


When you hit Furnishing level 75, you will unlock the ability to create Trophies. As you may know, Trophies are the most useful item you can make for your house because they grant your character permanent buffs, no matter where you are located. You can craft a variety of trophies to provide bonuses like luck, trade skill bonuses, and gathering bonuses.

Storage Chests

Storage Chests grant you a permanent storage bonus in the town where your house is located. Similar to bags, these storage chest recipes all require the Rune of Holding. 

You can make your first storage chest at around level 35, the Hewn Log Storage Chest:

  • Timber x30
  • Iron Ingot x15
  • Ash Stain x1
  • Minor Rune of Holding x1

Each subsequent tier of storage chest requires the corresponding rarity Rune of Holding.

Overall, everyone’s preferred method for leveling Furnishing in New World will depend on how they want to furnish their house, server economy, and the items on hand. The above recipes can serve as a basic outline of the items you can craft to take you to Furnishing level 100 and beyond.

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