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New World Cooking Leveling Guide

New World Cooking Leveling Guide (0-200)

This article is over 2 years old and may contain outdated information

Cooking is one of the basic crafting trade skills available to learn in New World. As with most MMORPGs, everyone has access to this trade skill, but it is up to you how much time you want to invest in it. The higher your cooking level, the more effective and valuable recipes you can craft. Many of the passive buffs granted by different foods are quite useful, so it’s certainly a nice skill to have mastered. In this New World Cooking leveling guide, we’ll show you the easiest way to get from level 0 to 50 and beyond.

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If you’re brand new to New World, you might have no idea where to begin. To cook in New World, you need to visit a Kitchen in any major settlement or place a camp out in the wilderness. Open your map and look for the forks and frying pan icon to find the kitchen. Select a recipe, and choose the ingredients you want to use from each item category to begin cooking.

Check out our New World Crafting and Gathering wiki for more leveling guides and resource locations.

New World Cooking Leveling Guide

To level cooking in New World, the easiest thing to do is craft the following recipes. 

New World Cooking Level 0-50

To get from cooking level 0 to 50 in New World, you can craft Travel Rations. Travel Rations require the following ingredients:

  • 1 Tier 2 Raw Food
  • 1 Raw Food
  • Kitchen Tier 2
  • Cooking Skill Lv. 1
New World Cooking - Travel Ration

Tier 2 Raw Food is the primary ingredient for Travel Rations, and there are tons of options you can use here, including things like Carrots, Corn, Squash, Red Meat, and more. You can find plenty of Carrots, Corn, and Squash from any farm near the major settlements, and this is what we’ll be using in this guide.

As for the secondary ingredient, Raw Foods, you can choose from even more ingredients to use. Perhaps the easiest and most time-effective item to farm, though, is Honey. Finding and harvesting Honey from Honey Trees will net you anywhere from 10-40 pieces of Honey each time.

Overall, you will need to craft 144 Travel Rations to get from level 1 to level 50 Cooking in New World. That translates to roughly 3,447 Cooking XP. The ingredients you need to achieve level 50 cooking are:

  • 144 Carrots, Corn, Squash or other Tier 2 Raw Food
  • 144 Honey, Blueberry, or other Raw Food

If you are a mana user, you can also make Energizing Travel Rations instead, so you get some use out of all this food you’re making. The ingredient requirements are exactly the same as regular Travel Rations. Energizing Travel Rations increase mana regeneration by 15% for 25 minutes, whereas regular Travel Rations recover 60 HP/second for 20 seconds and grant 1% health every 2.5 seconds for 20 minutes.

New World Cooking Level 50-100

To get from cooking level 50-100 in New World, you can craft Light Meals or Energizing Light Meals. Light Meals require the following ingredients:

  • Tier 3 Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Kitchen Tier 3
  • Cooking Skill Lv. 50

New World Cooking Level 100-150

To get from cooking level 100-150 in New World, you can craft Satisfying Meals or Energizing Satisfying Meals. Satisfying Meals require the following ingredients:

  • Tier 4 Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Kitchen Tier 4
  • Cooking Skill Lv. 100

New World Cooking Level 150-200

To get from cooking level 150-200 in New World, you can craft Hearty Meals or Energizing Hearty Meals. Hearty Meals require the following ingredients:

  • Tier 5 Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Raw Foods x1
  • Seasonings x1
  • Kitchen Tier 5
  • Cooking Skill Lv. 150

At 150 Cooking, you will begin to need Tier 5 foods along with a seasoning ingredient. Believe it or not, Honey is considered a seasoning, so, again, Honey is a very useful ingredient throughout the entire game. Other seasonings can be gathered from harvesting herbs. We recommend using Honey, though.

As for Tier 5 Raw Foods, you can use Coconuts, Tomatoes, and Rice. These are common ingredients you can usually pick up for cheap at the Trading Post. It will depend on your server economy, though, so take a look at the cooking ingredients and see what’s reasonably priced.

Where to find Raw Food in New World

Raw Food is primarily found at farms around Aeternum. There are many farms scattered in the lands outside of the main settlements, so you’ll need to visit them and harvest some crops. Here are some areas to find Raw Foods in New World:

First Light

You can find two farms northeast and northwest of the First Light Hamlet, both of which are good for harvesting raw foods.

New World Cooking Leveling Guide - Raw Foods in First Light

Monarchs Bluff

New World Cooking Leveling Guide - Raw Foods in Monarchs Bluff


There are two farms west of Windsward which are good for harvesting raw foods.

New World Cooking Leveling Guide - Raw Foods in Windsward


You can go to the two farms west of Everfall to harvest some raw foods.

New World Cooking Leveling Guide - Raw Foods in Everfall

Where to find Honey in New World

The best place to find Honey in large quantities is from Honey Trees in the Cutlass Keys region, at the following locations:

New World Cooking Leveling Guide - Where to find Honey

Where to find Seasonings in New World

Seasonings are found from herbs in New World, also known as the Hyssop Plant. Each herb can only be found in specific regions, so to target-farm specific herbs, you’ll need to consider your location. Here is where to find every type of herb in New World:

  • Basil – Brightwood, Everfall
  • Cinnamon – Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, First Light
  • Dill – Edengrove, First Light, Mourningdale
  • Garlic – Everfall
  • Ginger – Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, Windsward
  • Mint – Mourningdale, Restless Shore, Weaver’s Fen, Windsward
  • Nutmeg – First Light, Weaver’s Fen
  • Oregano – Monarch’s Bluffs, Mourningdale, Restless Shore
  • Paprika – Brightwood, Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Parsley – Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, Mourningdale
  • Peppercorn – Cutlass Keys, Monarch’s Bluffs, Mourningdale
  • Saffron – Brightwood, First Light, Mourningdale
  • Sage – Brightwood, Everfall, Reekwater
  • Rosemary – Mourningdale, Restless Shore
  • Tarragon – Brightwood, Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater
  • Thyme – Ebonscale Reach, Reekwater, Windsward

How to get more Cooking Recipes in New World

You can unlock more recipes from the Kitchen as your Cooking level increases. Additionally, you can find unique Cooking Recipes from quests, chests, and random drops from enemies around Aeternum. You can view a recipe in your inventory and salvage it to learn the recipe. It will then become available in your known list of recipes at any Kitchen or Cooking Station.

That concludes our New World Cooking leveling guide. We will update this guide as we learn more efficient ways to go beyond what’s outlined above. For more guides, content, and builds, check out our website’s New World section.

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