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New World: Blessings of the Fallen Quest Guide

New World: Blessings of the Fallen Quest Guide

Great Cleave is an area in New World’s Aeternum for players around level 40 to 51. There are two Outposts in Great Cleave, both of which give multiple Side Story quests. One of these quests is called Blessings of the Fallen and will require you to find a Pictures on the Wall entry, find a Scorched Earth entry, recover some Blackened Talisman, and kill Abraxas the Vicious. This guide will show you how to complete the Blessings of the Fallen quest in New World.

How to complete Blessings of the Fallen in New World

Blessings of the Fallen is a quest from Great Cleave Outpost, the western town in the Great Cleave region. Here are the Blessings of the Fallen quest objectives:

Part 1

  • Recover 10 Blackened Talisman from Miststride Scavenger
  • Search for ‘Pictures on the Wall’ entry
  • Talk to Ayize Magoro

Part 2

  • Kill Abraxas the Vicious
  • Search for ‘Scorched Earth’ entry
  • Recover 12 Blackened Talisman from Miststride

After completing the first part, you can walk a bit more south into the area to obtain the next quest objectives. The quest can be a bit confusing because the markers may not show up properly for you, hence why we’ve put together this guide.

Where to find the Pictures on the Wall entry in New World

One of the more difficult to complete parts of this quest involves finding the Pictures on the Wall entry. You can find this on the east side of the main cemetery, sitting on two wooden crates next to a lantern. All you need to do is walk over to it and press “E” to read the entry.

Where is Abraxas the Vicious in New World

Abraxas the Vicious is located in the southern region of the Great Cleave, south of Wayward Mounds. Look for the large chapel, and make your way inside to find Abraxas the Vicious. The monster is not too difficult, so it’s an easy fight as long as you’re within a few levels.

Where is Abraxas the Vicious - New World: Blessings of the Fallen Quest Guide

Where to find the Scorched Earth entry in New World

The Scorched Earth entry is in front of the chapel, where you find Abraxas the Vicious. Search on the ground in the front-right of the main entrance in front of a few broken pieces of wood, and you should easily find the paper. Walk over to it and press the “E” key to read through it.

Where to Recover Blackened Talisman from Miststride

Finally, you’ll have to recover twelve Blackened Talisman from Miststride. These are the enemies that occupy all the buildings in this area, and you can round up many of them and AoE them down to quickly knock this task off the list.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Abraxas the Vicious, the Scorched Earth entry, and Blackened Talisman to finish the Blessings of the Fallen quest in New World. For more related content, guides, and builds, check our website’s New World section.

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