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How to Collect Endorsement Checks in NBA 2K22

How to Collect Endorsement Checks in NBA 2K22
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Building up your player in NBA 2K22 is not an easy process, and you’ll need to stack that VC if you want to get your player to max level. It looks like this year is especially taxing when it comes to how much VC you’ll need. Luckily, you’ll be receiving plenty of VC Endorsement Checks to help out. Collecting endorsement checks in NBA 2K22 can be a very confusing process, so we want to walk you through the process.

How to Collect Endorsement Checks in NBA 2K22

To collect Endorsement Checks in NBA 2K22, you need to go to the Lobby on the 4th floor of the Cancha del Mar and look for the Purser’s Desk. Speak with the woman at the Purser’s Office desk to collect your VC.

That’s the whole process and everything you need to know to pick up your checks in NBA 2K22. If you’re still having some trouble locating the Purser’s Desk, try following these steps closely. 

Head to the elevator on whatever floor you’re on, and choose the Lobby option. You will then spawn into the Lobby, and you should see a large statue in front of you. Turn right at the statue and look for the row of windows. The one on the far left is the Purser’s Desk

That’s about as simple as we can put it, and if you follow those instructions and refer to the image above, you’re sure to find it. 

Keep in mind that some players are having some issues where they cannot pick up checks. If this is happening to you, you can try to relaunch your NBA 2K22 and try again. It appears to be a fairly common issue, so we hope that 2K Sports can push out a fix for that so players can pick up their VC without issues.

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